September 2015

September 2015
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Saturday, August 13, 2016

summer fun!

This blog is filled with lots of fun pictures from the first half of our summer.  We've had an amazing summer so far and I can't believe school is starting in only a few weeks!

The kiddos love Stages Theater so I took them to Annie JR.  We all really enjoyed it!

Sibling Love!

My loves

Ice cream!

Build your own pizzas!

Pool Time!

Movie Time!  The kids and I have really enjoyed going to movies this summer!

Movies are always better with friends!

Minnehaha Falls!


The Hays met us for this adventure!

Hiking makes us hungry!

Tyler looked so darn cute sleeping and I had to take a picture!

Camping in the backyard with daddy!

I swung by for a visit!

Hot Dogs and Smores!



Time to read!

Dentist appointments!  Tyler does very well at the dentist because he knows that they will give him a toy and sticker afterwards!

Chelsea took a dance audition prep camp this summer.  She tried out for Dancing on Broadways Pre Comp line and made it!  I'm a very proud mama!

I took Tyler to Central Park one day while Chelsea was at dance camp.  My little monkey thrived at this park with all the climbing areas!

That's Tyler on the very top!

Up he goes!

Tyle refused to take a picture with me!

Chelsea always wants to match me so I found these matching leggings for us to wear.  She was very excited about them and her excitement melted my heart!

Tyler and Chelsea have a very strong bond.  I love their love for each other!