September 2015

September 2015
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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Kindergarten, Preschool, Sports! It's GO time!

As usual, I'm way behind on blogs! With that said, school, sports and a busy schedule is now in full swing!  The kids are both doing beyond amazing and thriving in school.  Tyler is doing very well in soccer and swimming while Chelsea is excelling in both hockey and pre competition dance.
I couldn't help myself and took a zillion pictures on Chelsea's first day of Kindergarten!! some on my phone and some on the camera so they are posted a bit out of order. 
Chelsea was VERY excited for her first day of school!

Tyler got in on the action!



Ben even stayed home for a couple extra hours in the AM to see Chelsea off on her first day!

It was a rainy first day, but didn't dampen our spirits

Here comes the bus!

Chelsea eagerly got on the bus and didn't look back!

Bye Bye!  



Best Buds!!


Tyler walking home from the bus stop, for the first time, without his sister

I have some friends who walk their kids to school.  one of my friends sent me this picture of Chelsea getting off her bus at school!

Chelsea's bus comes at 9:06 and Tyler's preschool starts at 9:30.  With that said, we head straight to the car after the bus leaves to head to preschool on Tuesday and Thursdays.  Tyler had an unofficial first day of preschool the same day as Chelsea's first day of Kindergarten.  It was orientation day so I stayed with him on the first day.  He was very excited!


Tyler's very creative set up to pick Chelsea up from the bus after her first day of school.  

Here comes Chelsea!

Her face says it all!  


Tyler's first day of soccer.  He is THRIVING in soccer and really enjoys himself!  I'm enjoying having an hour to sit and watch on the sidelines without tending to another child.  It's a new luxury for me!

Chelsea participated in the Little Wild hockey camp and officially starts her hockey season in a couple weeks.  She excelled at figure skating and wanted to try hockey this year.  So far so good!

This new schedule wears me out mom...

Tyler's official first day of preshool!

Tyler's first day of swimming!


The kids were excited to wear new clothes and wanted to take pictures the second week of school!

Mama / Son bonding time.  We both love going out to eat at Chili's!

Chelsea was very excited to check out her first library book at school.  Chelsea gets to check out one book per day (all by herself!) at school and she loves the independence!  

Chelsea wore jeans for the first time ever.  She wanted me to take a picture of her in jeans, but insisted on me changing out of my ever comphy yoga pants into jeans first.... the things I do for my daughter!



Mina was feeling left out so I had to snap a few post bath pictures of her.  She wasn't very happy with me because I made her take a bath!

Tyler making so much progress in swimming class!