September 2015

September 2015
Blog for Ben, Trisha, Chelsea, Tyler & Mina!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

So many fun outings!

Chelsea trying on her new hockey equipment!

The kiddos enjoying a beautiful summer evening!

Ben sent me this picture when I was out with friends.  Mina sat by the window waiting for me the entire time!

'Mom take a picture of me'!  Chelsea loves this dress that Grandma Loveland gave to her last year.

SplashPad / Park fun!

I bought supplies for the kiddos to decorate their own shirts.  They had a great time and are begging to decorate more!

Tyler potty trained a couple months ago.  After he made up his own mind that he wanted to do it he did it easily.  No pull ups at all (including overnight) and he was excited to throw away the extra diapers!!

Shirt decorating!

Maple Grove water is horrible... in my humble opinion.  We fill up water jugs at Cub for our drinking water and the kids love to help fill them.  Hanging off the cart may not be the safest way to do this, but it works!

Tyler filled his potty training sticker chart very quickly.  He was very excited to put that last sticker on it because he had just earned himself a trip to chucky cheese!

A zoo visit!

The kiddos really enjoyed the dinasour exhibit! 

I hired a babysitter for Tyler and took Chelsea to the MOA for a Chelsea / Mommy day to go back to school shopping.  We started out with a treat from Starbucks.  Chelsea was very anxious to get her hot chocolate!


Chelsea made her very first purchase with her own money at Claires.  A fun headband!

Chelsea wanted a 'fancy' lunch so we went to Crave.  Impossible to do with Tyler!

We also walked through Sea Life before heading home.



Art Projects the kiddos (and Ben) surprised me with when I got home one night from being out with friends.  I should go out more often!


I really got into biking at the end of the summer.  I stopped to take these pictures during one of my bike rides.


The kids excited to get kid fit bits so they could be like mom and dad!

A little of this and a little of that

 We've been so busy (in a good way!) this summer and now with the start of school / activities that by the end of the day all I want to do is take a bath, read and watch a TV show with Ben.  I'm going to make an effort this week to get caught up on organizing my pictures and posting blogs!
We live in a fairly new neighborhood.  We love our neighborhood, but don't have many big trees around.  Across the street from us was an older house with beautiful trees.  Unfortunately that house was sold to a developer and these trees were taken down a few weeks back.  We are now in the midst of some pretty intense construction.
Before and after picture of the tree removal.  The huge trees on the edges of the bottom picture are gone now as well.  Everything is gone and being dug out in preparation for new houses to be built. 
The kids enjoyed their first coffee house date with hot chocolates!

My dad's first selfies!  He was a good sport!

Grandma Jane helping the kiddos make pizza!  Jane was visiting for a couple days in July.

Tyler taking a pizza making break to get a hug!

Chelsea really wanted to try broccoli pizza!

Ready to put the pizzas in the oven!


Tyler looking at a post card he received all the way from Greece!


I was trying to get some pictures of Mina and I but she kept washing my face!

She looks like a puppy right after getting her hair cut!

I finally gave up trying to get a picture of the two of us!

Chelsea and all her new hockey gear!!


I participated in the Maple Grove Esprit De She this year with some friends.  We walked it (one friend was pregnant and one had just given birth) and had a great time!