September 2015

September 2015
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween #1!

We are dressing Chelsea as a bumblebee this year for Halloween!  We had her first Halloween celebration today.  The Mom's Club I am part of threw the party at Lord of Life Church this afternoon and Chelsea had a wonderful time.  They set up crafts, a cupcake decorating station, a fun spread of food, engaged the kids in a scavenger hunt, had a 'kid parade' and lots of socializing and play. 

Besides the obvious, the food, Chelsea's favorite part was the music!  She started grooving to the music by herself, ran up on stage several times to dance and was so fun to watch.  I took two short videos of her dancing around by herself and will post those below.  She definitely enjoyed being the center of attention today!

Tomorrow night we have chelsea's Halloween celebration at daycare and will also take her out trick or treating to the neighbors on Wednesday. 

Video #1 of Chelsea dancing:

Video #2 of Chelsea dancing.  Around the 15 second mark she runs up on the stage and starts really going at it!

Pictures at home before the party

Craft time at the party!

Lots of sugar!

On the way out to the scavenger hunt!

Cute bee butt!

The scavenger hunt!

Getting ready to walk across the stage to show off costumes!

Chelsea wanted to be first

She was NOT happy when we took her off the stage so other kiddos could show off their costumes
she was so mad she ripped out her pony tail holder!

Chelsea with her friend Charlotte

grooving to the music on stage!

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