September 2015

September 2015
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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Phone Photos!

Here are some photos that I've taken on some recent outings on my phone.  Enjoy!

Ben and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary this past Sunday!  We ended up having a fun Chelsea day together in lieu of a 'typical anniversary celebration.'  We started out at Apple Jacks Orchard (Ben hadn't been there with her yet) in the morning. 
Chelsea loves animals and was very interested in the ponies the past two times she had visited.  We decided to try out a pony ride.  Unfortunately she only lasted about twenty seconds :(  She was scared and crying for most of it so we took her off.  Maybe next year!

For the second half of our Chelsea Day Anniversary Celebration we went to the MOA.  We went to SeaLife Underwater world first.  All three of us really enjoyed it!  

Since we were already at the mall we decided to eat at Bubba Gumps for dinner.  All three of us were pleased with our meals.  I, unfortunately, have had a strong aversion to seafood during this pregnancy but there were plenty of non seafood options.  We were very impressed with Chelsea eating the fried shrimp for dinner!  Even when the breading fell off the shrimp she still ate it.  

The next two pictures are from last Friday's library story time at the Maple Grove Library.  We start the session off with 15 minutes of reading and singing songs and then the second 15 minutes the kiddos have free play time!
Chelsea climbing and tumbling!

Chelsea goes to daycare every Wednesday.  I decided to bring her to Arby's for a mom / daughter fast food dinner after daycare this past Wednesday instead of cooking at home.  She loved sitting next to me in the booth and eating her yummy meal of a roast beef sandwich and curly fries! 
Chelsea striking a pose at the health club today!  We were about to go into the childcare center at Lifetime in Plymouth.  She absolutely loves the childcare center and I really cherish the hour or so that I get of 'free time' when I bring her there.

This afternoon I went to my friend's house for a playdate.  There were four little girls there and she has twin boys.  All the kids had a great time and it was fun getting some adult convo time as well!

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