September 2015

September 2015
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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Friends, The Cabin and More!

There are almost 100 photos on this blog!  Enjoy :-)
One of my 'presents' to Ben for Father's Day was letting him go to the cabin for a night with just Chelsea.  Chelsea does so well at the cabin and they really enjoyed themselves. 
I had some girls over with their toddlers for a playdate while Tyler and Chelsea were at the cabin.  I only took one picture, but it's a good one!  Here is Tyler trying to give baby Owen a kiss :)

Ben and Chelsea came home from the cabin on Father's Day Sunday so I set up a gift display for him to see when he walked into the house.

Chelsea and Mama snuggle time!

Katelyn came over to hang out with us for a couple hours one day a couple weeks ago.  We had lots of fun and the girls definitely wore me out.

Tyler went down for nap shortly after Katelyn arrived and I had the girls help me make cupcakes!


While the cupcakes were baking the girls put together some puzzles 

Time to frost the cupcakes!

What good little helpers they are!

Silly girls!

 Chow Time!

The girls decided some post cupcake coloring was necessary

Outside Time!


Hop Scotch!

Tyler woke up and wanted to join the fun

Side walk chalk

I took Tyler into the backyard one day last week to 'introduce' him to swinging a bat.  He did pretty darn good for me only showing him how to swing the bat once!
Video:  He gets in a good hit towards the end!

We went to the cabin two weekends ago for the second time this summer. 

I will never tire of this view!


Proof I was there!

Ben decided a dip in the water was a good idea!  Brrrr...

Chelsea "fishing"!  she ended up accidentally throwing her pole overboard a few minutes after this picture was taken :(

A neighbors dog came over to say hi.  Chelsea kept calling it the 'moo dog' since it looks like a cow :)

Our lengthy cabin night time routine for Tyler...


We took the kids mini golfing on Saturday morning with my parents and uncle Steve.  It was a lot of fun!  The kids didn't golf a whole lot but had lots of fun running around with Grandma and mommy while the guys finished up golfing.

Lets see how this goes!


Steve helping Tyler out

Grandma taking over kid duty because they lots interest in golfing with the group

wandering around Casey's checking out the batting cages

The kiddos loved the Carousel.  We had to keep getting quarters for dollars so they could ride it over and over and over again!

A video on the Carousel
Skee ball!

We survived the outing!

All that sunshine made everyone hungry!

Diggin' out the horseshoe pits!

Look at this ball that Grandma gave me!

Daddy canoeing with the kiddos!

Fun in the sun!

Another lake selfie!

Night time process begins once again!

Just a girl and her dog :)

On the way home... the kiddos were very tuckered out from the weekend

I try and drop the kids off at the child center at the Plymouth Lifetime Fitness once a week in the summer for an hour or so and sit by the pool and read.  Getting these couple precious hours to myself (and not feeling the pressure to work out) really helps my stress levels. I highly recommend it if you are a stay at home mom with a Lifetime Fitness membership!

Chelsea, Tyler and I like to share a smoothie at the club!

Chelsea's last day at Montessori was last week!  She is now going to be home with me full time until Preschool starts up again this fall!

I took a picture of a picture that Montessori took of Chelsea.  They had a petting zoo come for an in school field trip!

Tyler loving the child center at the Plymouth Lifetime Fitness!

Tyler is obsessed with his sunglasses!

Spaghetti night!

Our tuckered out doggies!


 Some great friends of ours!  This picture was taken at Ben's summer work party last Saturday.  We were able to invite two couples to join us and had waaay too much fun! :)

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