September 2015

September 2015
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Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Minnesota Zoo!

We went to visit the Zoo with Andi, Maddie and Dannie last week.  Like always, we all had a great time!
Some of the pictures loaded out of order but I didn't think it was necessary to re load them all in sequential order :)
Chelsea and Maddie posing by the aquarium

Maddie and Chelsea brushing a goat 

Tyler was extremely scared of the goats during our last zoo visit but didn't show any of that fear this time around.  He really did well brushing the goats.  

Dannie wasn't a fan of the goats and preferred to snuggle with her mommy :)

Dancing!  The girls are so darn cute together!

Turtle riding time!

The kiddos love stretching their legs on the Tropics Trail!

If only I could get inside of Tyler's head to hear his thoughts!

There is a butterfly garden for the kids to visit.  We had to wait for a few minutes to listen to some instructions.  Tyler decided he had enough of waiting... go figure!  He is the little red figure going through the door...

The butterfly garden was really fun for the kids AND adults :)  One of the rules in place was to not pick any of the flowers.  The first thing Tyler did was go in and pick a Marigold.  

Checking out the butterflies on the flowers

Lunch time!  I ordered WAY too much food.  Can't go wrong with burgers and fries!

Chelsea and Tyler sharing a hot soft pretzel.  Yummy!

Tyler feeding the goats!

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