September 2015

September 2015
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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Odds and ends along with Cousin Alayna's birthday party!

I am enjoying a little peace and quiet right now as I watch Chelsea's gymnastics class.  Ben met us at Mini Hops and took Tyler home with him.  Tyler is an amazingly loving little boy, but he DOES NOT SHUT UP.... EVER!  "mama, mama, mama, mama" followed by random observations, stories, etc is what I hear all day long.  It's cute for about an hour and then I start to feel myself unraveling and on the brink of losing it by the end of each day.  I know, I'll miss this stage at some point, they grow up so fast and so on and so on....
 Needless to say, I'm enjoying this 'me time' and it's time to post some more pictures!
One of my friends is an amazing bridal florist.  I had told her how much I love roses and peonies and she randomly dropped some off on my front porch the next morning.  What a sweetheart!  My kids also LOVE flowers. 

My aunt posted this picture on facebook and I saved it in my stash.  It's a picture of my dad and all his siblings.  They went down to Iowa to celebrate their mother's birthday and had to document all the siblings together with this precious picture.

We had (almost) our entire upstairs painted a couple weeks back.  It took the painter 4 days so I tried to keep myself and the kiddos out of the house as much as possible that week.  We ate many lunches out and my favorite lunch outing was at Red Lobster.  We leisurely enjoyed lots of yummy food and I even agreed to order the kiddos a big dessert.  Chelsea would eat crab legs every day if I let her!
Who doesn't like the biscuits?!

Look at all this food!  Chelsea and I shared a pound of crab legs and grilled shrimp.  I had to cut her off after awhile so I'd get some!

Dessert time!

Tyler and I  enjoying another lunch out at Ruby Tuesdays.  This was the last of four lunches out that week.  I was so happy to get my kitchen back!
Tyler and I were very exhausted by day 4 or being out and about all day long.  We both came home after lunch and collapsed in the guest room bed.  This was the first time he has taken a nap in the same bed as me.  He must have been tired!

Mina woke us up from our blissful nap demanding food...  It's hard to stay mad at her when she looks so cute!


My niece Alayna invited us to her her 10th birthday party at a roller rink in St. Cloud.  Aren't Tyler's roller skates so darn cute?!  He put them on stood up and then refused to skate.  He was too scared to skate but enjoyed running around the arcade and watching everyone else skate. 

Uncle Joel helping Chelsea put on her roller skates.  It was Chelsea's first time roller skating and she was so determined to do it all by herself.  After about 30  minutes of watching her falling over and over again we switched her to roller blades.  She did so much better on roller blades and really wants to go rollerblading again soon!

I was able to rollerblade for a bit!  I'm hoping that I can get Chelsea some Rollerblades this year and we can go together outside!

Ari, Jillian, Chelsea and Ben

Tyler hanging out with Joel and discovering the soda and popcorn!

All the kiddos signed their names on a shirt for Alayna

Alayna and Chelsea getting ready for laser tag.  Chelsea was very excited and really wanted to participate with everyone.  As soon as she got into the gaming area she burst into tears and wanted out.  it was too scary for her.

Ari striking a pose!

Chelsea wasn't a fan!

After getting Chelsea settled back at the table I ran back in to take pictures for Jillian.

Of course, Tyler found a game with a gun

Chelsea and daddy skating!


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