September 2015

September 2015
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Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens!

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We went to the Palm Springs Zoo while on vacation.  We went last year as well and it's such a wonderful zoo!  More of an animal sanctuary that focuses on conservation.  Here is the link for the zoo:
The kiddos posing by the statues out front!

The kiddos checking out and falling in love with a bearded dragon.  When I managed the PetSmart Pet Hotel I had to train in every department of the store.  Upon working with the small animals I fell in love with the Bearded Dragon.  They are wonderful pets!  Maybe some day my kiddos will have a Bearded Dragon as a pet!

Checking out some turtles!

There is an animal hospital at the zoo.  They bring in sick / injured wildlife to rehabilitate them!

Tyler was very interested in the Cheetah skeleton! 

Some of the procedures can be viewed by he public.

Carousal time!  This was Tyler's first time venturing off of a stationary bench and onto an animal on a carousal!


The kids wanted me to take their picture on every single statue they could sit on!

There is a really big and really cool model train track running in the middle of the zoo.  It was absolutely amazing and Tyler was in heaven!

We attended a 30 minute show while we were there.  The focus of the show was to talk about reusing and recycling in a fun way for the kids to understand.  Several zoo animals came out during the performance as well as actors dressed up in big dinosaur costumes!

A goat! I LOVE goats :)

The kiddos loved getting up close and personal with one of the dinosaurs! 

The kids went on a camel ride together!  The workers reassured me it would be safe for them to go without an adult.  They were completely safe but I had heart palpitations the entire time and was yelling at them to HOLD ON TIGHT!  

Two very happy kiddos!

Another statue!

Minnesota or California.... the kiddos love to brush goats!

We ended up leaving after a few hours of being at the zoo because it was getting very hot outside.  It was time to head back to relax at the pool! 

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