September 2015

September 2015
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Friday, July 22, 2016

Loveland Family Reuinion!

Last Weekend my parents hosted a Loveland family reunion!  Most of the family lives in Iowa and I don't see them nearly as much as I'd like.  I hope that will change soon... holiday celebrations anyone?!?! It was so wonderful for me to be surrounded by so many loving family members at once... what a rare treat!
The kiddos and I started the weekend by driving up to hang out with my parents and Alayna on Thursday.  We cleaned up the house, ate some yummy food and the kiddos enjoyed helping Grandma make sugar cookies!   The sugar cookies were such a hit that Ben polished off the cookies my mom sent back with us (to the cabin) that night that were meant for the kids!

On Friday we went over to Joel and Jillian's house in Alexandria to hang out.  Joel and Jillian helped host the reunion so everyone who was in town on Friday went over to their house for swimming and dinner.  

What a beautiful night!

While the rest of us adults were being lazy on the pool deck Ben jumped in and entertained the kids!

Snuggle time!

Chef Jillian cooking our yummy dinner!!  Thank you for all your hard work cooking for us all weekend Jillian!

Mom and Dad!

Chelsea stayed at Joel and Jillian's house for her very first sleep over Friday night.  She felt like such a big girl and was a very good girl.  My baby girl is growing up so fast. 
Mama saying goodbye to her baby girl before her first sleep over!

Group hug!

Saturday at my mom and dad's house!  I loved watching all the kiddos run around, make fast friends, and play together!

The family reunion was hosted on my brother's birthday!  Here he is, working hard at providing entertainment for the family!

Tubing time!

Alayna and I, not observing the tubers very well!


The kiddos had a blast!

Some kiddo tubing videos! Unfortunately I missed some of the epic wipe outs!

 'Adult Tubing'


My brother.. he's at his happiest on the lake pulling tubers. Although,  I'm not sure the tubers are happiest being pulled by him!

Andrew flying off the tube with a back flip!



My cousin Krissy and her kiddos!

Alayna getting a little cocky on the tube ride!

My baby girl!



Andrew biffing it out of the tube again!

Pontoon time!


Shawn and Gabe joining us for tubing!



Swimming time!

Krissy with her dad's beautiful dog, Belle.

Chelsea striking a pose!


Chelsea was in love with Belle!

Dad and Uncle Jim!

Chelsea still stalking Belle

Joel grilling lunch while Jillian, Aunt Marg and Uncle Dan prep the sides inside!

Dad with Uncle Steven!

Hanging out!

Grub time!

My niece Alyssa and her boyfriend Josh.  Yep, he has the best hair ever!

The kids enjoying the docked pontoon!

Hot dogs rank high in Chelsea's book!

Grandma and Grandpa with Chelsea!

Alex and Kate


Jim, dad and Carmen

Dad and Aunt Marg

More lake fun!

Chelsea snuggling up to Aunt Marg

Big person tubing time!

Uncle Dan

Good luck guys... Joel is behind the wheel!




Jillian was thrown off the tube!

Aunt Marg suffered a beating!

The kids hoping for a wipeout!

Chelsea and I took off Saturday early evening back to Maple Grove.  She passed out within five minutes of being on the road.  She had a wonderful time!

I let Chelsea sleep in my bed (Ben and Tyler were at the cabin) Saturday night and she slept VERY well that night!

Chelsea and I enjoyed a mommy Chelsea day that Sunday.  We started off at Champs by Ridgedale for Brunch!


We did some shopping at Ridgedale for back to school clothes for Chelsea and some shopping for me.  I was at the cash register in Victoria's Secret and caught Chelsea sitting on the floor watching the Victoria Secret run way show that is played in the stores.  It was really cute how fascinated she was by it!
After Ridgedale we went to the 'big girl salon' at the Plymouth Lifetime to get Chelsea's hair cut.  I didn't take too many picture because I was busy enjoying my day with my baby girl sans phone out.

I copied these pictures from my cousin Krissy's photos.  After Chelsea and I left the reunion there was still a lot of fun to be had!

Steven and Cindy share their lives with horses and camped at the Carlos State Park so the horses could join them for the weekend.  The kiddos really enjoyed horse rides!

More pontoon time!

Birthday cake for Joel!

Beautiful Lake Carlos!

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