September 2015

September 2015
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Friday, August 12, 2016

Fairy camp and 4th of July Weekend!

We usually spend July 4th weekend at home for a family 'staycation' but changed it up this year and headed to the cabin.  We headed up Saturday morning (to miss Traffic) and came back Tuesday morning so enjoyed a nice long weekend at Mina!
Chelsea attended a four half day fairy camp the first week of July.  Tyler and I ran a bunch of errands while Chelsea was at her last day of camp on that Friday. 
Tyler accumulated a bunch of suckers and treats at our stops.  He also had a little bag of popcorn sitting by him (not shown in the picture) from the car wash!

Tyler got his haircut and the stylist gave him a blue Mohawk!  Tyler was very happy with this look and couldn't wait to show Chelsea.

Picking Chelsea up from her last day of fairy camp!

Making the familiar trek to Alexandria!

We headed straight to my parents house to visit for awhile before heading to Lake Mina.  Barry and Paula (my uncle and aunt) were visiting my parents for the weekend.  We ended up going out for a nice boat ride.  The weather was perfect!
Grandpa and Grandson!

My baby girl!

Snuggle time!

After my parents house we headed to Mina and enjoyed some more lake time!

Tyler was glued to Uncle Steve for most of the weekend!


Kayak time!



ahh... sunshine!


sleepy boy!

Mina stalking a chipmuck!  She still has a little pep left!

The kids each got an entire can of soda to themselves.  They were in heaven!

Steve makes a good bed

Still chipmunk stalking!

Boat ride time!


Tyler is the fish whisperer.  We set a fish down in the boat and it'll flop around.  As soon as Tyler comes over to it the fish will stop flopping (every time) and he will gently pick the fish up and toss it back into the lake.  It's pretty amazing to watch.

My little fisherman

Breakfast time!


Great Grandma and Grandpa Fisher came over to visit!

We met my parents in town at Dairy Queen for a treat!

Tyler's first blizzard!

A special weekend, a special treat!

I was pretty excited to catch this big guy!

We had visitors!

Ben's catch!

My first Crappie of the year!


Baby loons!

Still working on that Pepsie!

Chelsea's turn to drive!

My happy place!

Dirty boy!

Sibling love!

More fishing!

A festive fourth of july outfit!  well, PJ's anyways!

Snuggle time!

The neighbor come over to let us know that there were juvenile raccoons out and about feeding off of bird seed at his house.  They were very docile and we (unfortunately) knew the mom had died the day prior.  We were able to observe them and snap a few pictures.  Darn they were cute!  I honestly hope they make it to adulthood. 

My passed out boy and snuggly dog.... they looked so darn cute I had to snap a picture before crawling into bed with them!

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