September 2015

September 2015
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Girl Time!

When Chelsea and I were in Alex this weekend visiting my parents we also got to spend time with my brother's family as well.  He has three daughters and all the girls play very well together.  Alyssa is the oldest and she is very very good with Chelsea.  Alayna and Ari are the younger two and they love to play with Chelsea and show her their ' big girl' toys!

My mom likes to take my nieces to McDonalds playland but Chelsea nor I have ever been there.  We went on Sunday morning for breakfast and to let the girls play.  It was a lot of fun and two hours flew by before we knew it.  Alyssa took chelsea through the tunnels that I couldn't navigate and was in charge of her.  It was a very fun and relaxing morning for me :-)

Alyssa and chelsea!  The black under her eyes is from a football game she had just gotten home from

Chelsea playing with the Arial doll.  She LOVES The Little Mermaid!

Chelsea, Alayna and Ari

WOAH!  Ariel!!


Ari sharing her captain crunch with Chelsea

Very ladylike..

Joel helping Chelsea down the outside steps

Playing in Joel and Jillian's backyard

Look!  A doggie!

Running to Heidi in her kennel.  Chelsea isn't quite as fast as her cousins yet.

Chelsea loved Heidi.  She wouldn't stop laughing around her!

What is that?!  A ferret!

Mom, i don't think that's a doggie

Chelsea's first McDonalds Breakfast

This stuff is good!

Chelsea putting her shoes away so she can play

I see you!

Chelsea started hugging all the girls

Thank you for helping me Alyssa!

Here is a cute video of Chelsea running around and hugging all her cousins.  What a great memory!

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