September 2015

September 2015
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

37 weeks

I just had my 37 week appointment today and met the doctor who will actually be delivering baby boy Fisher!  I love my regular doctor, but she only delivers at Methodist Hospital and we want to deliver at Maple Grove.  My new doctor is very perky and friendly.  I am very comfortable with her.

The 'stats' are pretty boring this week... which is a great thing!  No weight gain... which I guess is normal at this point in the pregnancy.  With Chelsea I must have strapped on the feed bag a little too much during this point of the pregnancy because I NEVER went an appointment without gaining weight :)  Blood pressure was 107 / 60 and I have NOT dilated or effaced any further from last week.  THANK GOODNESS!!!  Looks like baby boy is trying to stay put for the next two weeks. 

The only difference of this week's appointment is that I'm still measuring at 37 (same as last week) and my doc said it's completely normal since the baby has probably dropped a little further down.  She is thinking that the baby is an average size... not trending big like my other doctor was assuming.

I didn't take any 'official' 37 week belly shots but will post a picture from this past weekend.  I haven't changed much from last week. 

37 weeks!

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