September 2015

September 2015
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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tylers first couple days at home!

We brought Tyler back from the hospital on Thanksgiving Day.  My parents and brother's family were at our house preparing thanksgiving dinner for us all.  Jon and Shanna came over to visit us on Friday for a few hours and my family came back on Saturday to visit for a few hours.  It's been so nice to have family around to help 'break up' the days for us. 

We are so amazed at how well Chelsea has taken to Tyler.  We were very nervous about how she would act around him since she has such a strong personality.  She has been very nurturing and motherly towards him.  There has been no signs of aggression or jealous yet!  Knock on wood.

Lots of pictures below!

Cousins getting ready for thanksgiving dinner!

Alyssa and Tyler

Chelsea enjoying Tylers bouncy chair

Brother, where are you??

Chelsea feeding her baby in Tylers chair


Tyler LOVES tummy time.  he prefers to sleep on my chest on his tummy as well.

Chelsea following mommy and baby around 

Shanna and Tyler

snuggle time

Jon and Tyler

Facetime with Grandma and Grandpa Fisher!

The cousins playing in Chelsea's kitchen!

Alyssa and Tyler

Chelsea tickling Alayna

Joel and Jillian with Tyler

Ben and the kiddos

Alayna and Tyler
Mamma's cutie!

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