September 2015

September 2015
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Friday, November 23, 2012

Tyler's Birthday!

I'm going to post lots of 'shorter' blogs from Tyler's hospital stay and first days at home.  We are blessed to have gotten lots of pictures and have had (and still will have) lots of visitors to document!  So, Check back frequently because I will be getting blogs posted randomly through out the next few days. 

I don't have a long birth story since his birth was very routine (thank goodness!)  We had a C Section scheduled for 9:30 AM on Monday November 19th.  Thankfully he decided to wait until Monday and didn't try and make an appearance any earlier.  The surgery was an obvious success with no issues or complications along the way.  Once I was in recovery and Tyler was fully checked over they brought us back to the post partum room that we would spend the next three days in.  It was a nice change compared to our experience with Chelsea.  She wasn't able to stay with us in our room until the last day.  here is her birth story blog if you would like to read it.

I will post pictures below of Tyler's birth day!

In our post partum room getting ready for surgery

My last belly shot!

All set for surgery! Not my most flattering look!

Immediately after birth!

10:15 - back in our post partum room

A little later in the day

I felt INSTANT love

Big Sister came for a visit!

My parents seeing Tyler for the first time!

Grandpa and Tyler

Grandma and Tyler!

Ben on diaper duty!

Proud papa!

Introducing Chelsea to Tyler!

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