September 2015

September 2015
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Monday, August 5, 2013

Chucky Cheese and other Phone Photos!

I've started going to yoga classes at Lifetime the past few weeks.  My friend Diana has started going with me every Tuesday AM.  The weather this past Tuesday was pretty icky out so she was telling me in Yoga that day that she was planning on taking the kiddos to Chucky Cheese that afternoon.  We ended up tagging along with them!  The kids all had so much fun.  Tyler was even crawling around in the little toddler area and trying to play with Chelsea, Blake and Bradley.  It's amazing how excited toddlers get to be at Chucky Cheese!
In the toddler area playing!

Sibling love!  It's so heartwarming to see Chelsea and Tyler starting to play with each other and interact more!

Tyler wants to be near Chelsea at every moment!

Yummy Yummy pizza time!


Chelsea is VERY scared of most rides.  For some reason she decided she wanted to go on this one and really enjoyed it!

No pizza for Tyler.  He's stuck with ritz crackers!

Chelsea and Bradley playing a game!

Free tickets for the kiddos!

This was Chelsea's favorite game.  We used up half of our tokens in this game!
Mamma's favorite game!  I was trying to teach Chelsea but she kept overhand throwing the ball!  Maybe next time :)

Now time for some random pictures.
  I was in Express waiting in the check out line.  Chelsea decided to run over to the jewelry and exclaim "pretty! Pretty!  mamma, I want"  you get the idea.  I thankfully got her out of there without having to buy her jewelry!

I took a yoga class at the Maple Grove lifetime last Tuesday morning so the kids were in the child care area.  When I was walking out of class I hear a page for me to come to the child center.  Tyler had a MAJOR diaper blow out.  He had poop all the way up to his neck!  I haven't EVER had to change a diaper so nasty.  I did not have another outfit with so I ended up having to take him out of the health club in just his diaper.  At least he wears cute diapers now ;)

Tyler just chillin' with his bottle


We went out to eat as a family at Pittsburgh blue last weekend.  It was such a beautiful night to sit on the patio. We gave Tyler a lime to keep him entertained for a bit :)

Chelsea wearing a pretty dress that Grandma Loveland bought her from a vacation earlier this summer!

Tyler getting as close to the TV as he can while TMZ is on.  I wonder where he got his interest in celebrity gossip??? :)

I went to a mom's club event last week.  It was such a fun playdate!  The member that organized it has such a wonderful back yard and set up so much fun stuff for the kiddos to do!

Bounce houses!

Katelyn playing with Tyler!

He absolutely adores her!

When we walked into the backyard Chelsea saw the swingset.  She immediately yelled " a park, a park" and ran up to it!





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