September 2015

September 2015
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Photos, Photos and more Photos!

Here is my latest batch of phone photos! 
Chelsea and Tyler were invited to a 'Wet Event' Play Date last week.  The backyard was set up with lots and lots of fun water activities for the kiddos!  Chelsea chowing down a yummy homemade carrot muffin!

Fun times!

A slide in a pool?!  Heaven!

Tyler getting in on the action!

Splash Splash Splash!

Blowing Bubbles!

Tyler enjoying his very first popsicle!  Homemade with mangos and coconut milk!

Don't let his expression fool you!  He loved the treat, but wasn't expecting the cold!

A picture of Tyler chowing down at home.  He's really starting to love finger foods!  I can't wait until we are done with bottles / purees.  The more finger foods he can (and wants to) eat the better for everyone.

My big boy has decided that he likes to climb.  He'll climb up on the toddler table!  He is getting a little too adventurous for my liking!

Who cares if I'm only 8 months old... I'm going to do what I want!


Chelsea with her first McDonalds Shake!  My poor baby girl had a big bump on her head and a split lip (from different accidents) and wasn't feeling good.  I felt as if she definitely was deserving of this shake!

No words needed here....

Poor books! :(  Chelsea likes to play a bit in bed before going to sleep.  She'll grab books and 'read.'  Well, this reading has turned into her destroying the books.  It was taking me a good half an hour to clean up her room every week.  I finally took all the non board books out of her room!

All my hard work is finally paying off!  The front landscaping is starting to look absolutely wonderful!

I had to bring Tyler to the doctor last Thursday.  He ended up having a double ear infection :(  Chelsea LOVED going to the doctor and kept naming the fish in the waiting room. She named one Maddie  (her friend) and kept telling me she found Nemo!  There was one orange fish in the tank.

I rarely try out new recipes nowadays since I can barely keep my head above water as is.  Ben's parents visited us a couple weeks ago.  Since I had extra hands to help with the kids and a little bit of time I tried out two breakfast recipes that turned out well!  The muffin looking items are actually biscuits stuffed with scrambled egg, bacon and cheese.  The other item is a blackberry granola dish.

One day after Tyler was diagnosed with a double ear infection.  Daddy took Chelsea to a BBQ and Tyler and I had snuggle time!

Look at all those chompers!  5 teeth at 8 months!

I met some of my friends from Mom's club at Rush Creek for a drink last week.  A guy dressed up as the Bemidji Mascot decided to grace us with his presence for a bit.  

I could only stay at Rush Creek for about an hour since I had volleyball that evening at Mama G's.  Here is a pic of my friend Kari and I before our game!

Yep, we took a selfie..

We went to the Douglas County fair last weekend and bought Chelsea this tutu from a vendor there.  Chelsea was obsessed with it all weekend!!!  (I will post my phone pictures on this blog, but we took a lot of pictures on the camera from the past weekend.  Those blogs will be posted soon hopefully!)

Daddy playing with Tyler on the deck at the cabin!

Tyler wrestling daddy (and winning)!

Jon and Shanna came to visit for a day


Cabin Baby!  

I took the kiddos to Costco with me yesterday. This is the first time I've put them side by side in the cart and they both loved it!  I do have to say, they looked darn cute and got so much attention.  The sample ladies went 'above and beyond' in spoiling them.  Chelsea did NOT need dinner when we got home!

A few pictures that posted out of order.  Chelsea, Tyler and I meet my parents in town (Alexandria) for a bit on Saturday morning.  We ended up picking up Ari and Alayna and going to McDonalds play land!

Cousin Love!

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