September 2015

September 2015
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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Baby Friends!

Tyler is quite the little monkey as of late.  He is climbing up on EVERYTHING (while making mama's heart race)!  It seems as if nothing is off limits... including Chelsea's pink shopping cart :)

Cheese Mama!

Look mom, I can stand all by myself!

Tyler LOVES great grandma Sandvig's kringla!  Both kids beg for the cookies, so we just put in another 'order' for more :)


"Peek - Eye - You" as Chelsea says

Ben had to go take the docks out at the cabin on Saturday so I invited over some friends for a baby play date!  Four babies and one toddler took over my basement.  It was so much fun!  I loved every second of it and Chelsea informed me that the babies were HER friends, not Tylers!

Chelsea and Drew

My little monkey making his way to the top of the table!  I had to block off the unfinished room that had more toys in it.  Tyler likes to climb all the way up the slide and stand at the top.  I'm just picturing him falling and hitting his head on the cement floor.  Maybe we'll be able to play in that area in a couple months!

Lydia and Chelsea dumping out toys!

All the babies loved climbing on the table!  I ended up moving the table over to block the stair way so they wouldn't climb it or the stairs!  Who knew a big open basement would still present so many challenges to a relaxing baby play date!

Drew hanging out

Nummy snack time!

Chelsea rooting Lydia on!

Dinner time!

What do you offer a group of babies and a toddler for dinner??? Mac and Cheese and peas of course!  

Mr. Drew (9 months)

Miss Lydia (Almost a year!)

Mr. Tyler (10 months)

Miss Chelsea (2.5 years)

Miss Audrey (1 year!)

This picture is from the next day.  I couldn't resist pulling out the camera when I saw them both sprawled out watching a cartoon together.  So sweet!

Chelsea was so lazy that he didn't notice Tyler get up and go steal her prized water bottle.  Jackpot!

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