September 2015

September 2015
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Friday, May 9, 2014


Ben and I were able to 'escape' to Chicago last weekend!  His company invited everyone out for a fabulous weekend.  EBF really went all out and the weekend flew by way too quickly. 
Without Ben's parents we wouldn't have been able to make it happen.  They flew in from California to watch the kiddos for us so we could enjoy our first weekend away in over 3 years!  THANK YOU!!!!  Unfortunately we did NOT take any pictures at home with Jane and Barry.  I am really bummed I don't have any to post.  Jane ended up staying until the Tuesday after we got home from Chicago and we had a great time.
We flew out Friday morning and checked into the Park Hyatt right off of Michigan Ave.  The hotel and room were wonderful and we felt very spoiled.  Here is the view from our room!

Ben and I did a little walking around Friday late morning and then visited the hotel spa (compliments of EBF!) early afternoon. 
After our spa visit we went to the hotel lounge and we saw one of Ben's coworkers and his wife so we joined them for a munchie and a drink.  The blue cheese, olive tapenade and asparagus flatbread was amazing.  So amazing that we ordered it several times during out two day stay!  Ben also ordered, and loved a total "Ben Drink" made with Ginger Beer and Scotch.  

The company reserved an entire restaurant for dinner on Friday for us.  We had a two hour happy hour with endless cocktails and yummy appetizers.  Then we sat down to a four course dinner that definitely did not disappoint.

Here is a picture of us at dinner.  Ignore my lovely hair.  Chicago definitely fits the description of the Windy City and I'm not sure why I even attempted to style my hair!

We started out Saturday morning by going to breakfast at the hotel restaurant.  Most of the menu options were pretty 'fancy' and I had no clue what they were.  I ended up ordering a goat cheese mushroom frittata and it was AMAZING!  I normally don't like eggs but eggs with a dressed salad and goat cheese on top is to die for.

Ben and I walked around the city for a bit after breakfast and made our way down to the lake.  We didn't have enough time to visit Navy Pier, but have it on our list for next time!

Ben chose to go to the Cub's game on Saturday afternoon (compliments of the company!) and I chose to stay back and enjoy a few hours of Trisha time.  I walked around a bit, went to an Argo Tea Café to hang for a bit, then visited a few stores on Madison Ave.  I even enjoyed a leisurely shower and had an entire 45 minutes to 'get ready' for the evening in peace!  Unheard of!
A picture Ben took at the game.

Some of the guys hanging out at Sluggers towards the end of the game.  I do wish I would've been able to see this bar.  Ben said I would've loved it.  PLUS - you can hop in a batting cage there!

EBF hosted an optional happy hour on Saturday night at the hotel bar so we swung in for a bit.  After the happy hour we went to the John Hancock Tower and wanted to have an appetizer and cocktail at the Signature Room since several people recommended it to us.  We had to stand in a line for an hour before we could sit down.  Once we were seated the view was amazing but that is about all I liked about it.  The appetizer and the cocktail were good... but the entire experience felt very basic.  Dinner in the restaurant may be a different story.
We weren't able to sit by the window, but this was the view from the ladies bathroom :)

We took a selfie :)

Our hummus plate appetizer

My pomegranate champagne drink

Ben and I decided to go wander around the city some more after going to the Signature Room.  We wandered the city for at least two hours and decided we were both hungry and our legs were tired!  We went into the hotel lounge for one more drink and some food before hitting the hay. 
We walked down to the river during our night time wandering.  Gorgeous.
I know it's odd to take so many pictures of food and cocktails.  The reason I did is because I am generally not a 'fancy person.'  I'm a beer / captain drinker and enjoy basic foods.  I was overly spoiled on this trip and couldn't get enough of all the consumables being thrown our way :)
My nightcap was a raspberry sparkling wine drink of some sort.  I'm not sure exactly what was in it, but it was very tasty.

We ordered the flatbread one last time and Ben also ordered some Sushi.

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