September 2015

September 2015
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Sunday, December 2, 2012

more visitors!

Tyler has had quite the homecoming with people wanting to meet him!  We've had a bunch more visitors in the past few days.  Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures during my friend Lauren's visit with her 6 week old daughter Lydia.  Tyler was fussy and I completely spaced on the camera.  Sorry Lauren! :(  Lauren saved me by bringing me a highly cherished soy pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. It most definitely helped me get through the afternoon with a wide awake newborn while Ben was at meetings for the day!

The MOM's club I'm involved with was also a huge blessing this past week.  They set up for mom's to bring us meals on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and tonight.  The food was absolutely delish and it helped us out tremendously.  Without it I'm not sure what we would've been eating this week since grocery shopping and cooking are the furthest things from my mind.  Our friends Steph and Ryan also brought us a bunch of veggies and fresh cut fruit today.  We feel so spoiled!

Uncle Steve and his Godson!

Tyler checking him out!

Steve playing electronic flashcards with Chelsea

Chuck, Andi, Maddie and Dannie's visit!  Dannie was born only 6 days before Tyler!  Maddie and Chelsea are only 3 weeks apart as well!  They brought Tyler two great baby toys!

Fighting over the chair!

So Precious!

The dads with their newborns

Chelsea and Maddie keeping themselves entertained

Steph and Ryan's visit.  Steph is 37 weeks pregnant with a baby boy.  Tyler is excited to have another little boy around!  

Chelsea BUSTED!  Hiding behind Ryan and sneaking food to Mina

Renee, Rita and KJ's visit!  They brought Tyler some cute PJ's and a toy!  He is one very spoiled little boy!

Renee and Tyler

Rita and Tyler

Kjirsten with Tyler!  

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