September 2015

September 2015
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Saturday, March 2, 2013

sleepy girl & obsessive dog

Ben and I went made a 9:00AM child center appointment for Tyler at Lifetime today to go work out together.  We don't need appointments for Chelsea since she is in the 'big kid' area.  On the way to the gym Chelsea passed out in the car (normally she doesn't nap until noon). 

I took her out of her car seat and carried her into the club.  She kept sleeping on my shoulder and was in a very deep sleep.  We didn't feel right about waking her so this is what I ended up doing at the health club while Tyler was being cared for in the child center and Ben worked out for a bit:

There are two chairs outside of the child center so I set chelsea down on one to sleep and I sat in the other one and read my book.  thank goodness I brought it with me!

After about a half an hour of her sleeping by herself on the chair I picked her up and snuggled with her.  It's rare that I get to just sit and enjoy my baby girl like this!

Everyone walking by thought she was so adorable and gave me big smiles 

About an hour later chelsea started to stir and woke up.  Ben came back and let me go shower (a shower trumped  the workout!) before we picked up tyler.  

My dog Molly has been following me around the house and has been constantly underfoot for the past few weeks.  It's getting very obsessive.  I can't even shut the door to the bathroom anymore when I take a bath because she will sit at the door and scratch until ben lets her in!  This afternoon she reached a new level of clinginess.  I was playing with Tyler and Chelsea on the couch and she jumped up and sat on my back!  Ignore my ugly, baggy unflattering sweats ;)

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