September 2015

September 2015
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Monday, May 20, 2013

Latest batch of phone pictures!

Here is another round of pictures I took on my phone the past couple of weeks!  For some reason they downloaded a little 'weird'.  I tried re downloading them three times and every time they turned out the same so I'm just going to go with it! 
I wasn't feeding tyler fast enough so he grabbed the spoon out of the bowl which caused the bowl to fly to the floor!  He must really love his carrots :)

Walk time!  I like to take the kiddos out on a walk right after breakfast.  Chelsea, of course, had to accessorize herself fully!

Chelsea has passed out several times on the way back from the health club at 11AM.  She usually doesn't nap until 12:30/1 so this has been throwing me off a bit!  I'll usually transfer her to the couch and just keep my fingers crossed that she'll stay sleeping for a bit.

Nummy Bib!

I've started making Tyler's baby food.  I took about three hours and make at least a month's worth of food!  It's so easy.  For the first round I made carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans, Mangos, peaches and apples.  He likes everything but the green beans and peaches... we are working on those!  I really like knowing exactly what is in his food and it's so much less expensive to make it instead of buy premade baby food.

Chelsea at Dylan's birthday party enjoying some cake!

What a big boy!

Chelsea, Tyler and I went to the library to hang out one afternoon last week.  I had to pick up a book on reserve so Chelsea wanted to check it out for me :)

Enjoying the kiddie book section!

The Maple Grove Library has lots of toys for the kiddos to play with!

Chelsea was so distracted that Tyler got to play with her doll for a bit at the library!

She put the shapes together in about 30 seconds!  I was very impressed!

Tyler gets lots of attention from the ladies at the child care center at the health club!

Getting ready to take Tyler swimming for the first time!

Mamma and Chelsea snuggle time!

Tyler grabbing for daddy's beer!

The outdoor play area of the child center at the health club!  COMPLETELY worth the extra $5 a month on our membership :)

of course, all the pictures downloaded out of order again.  All the baby food I made!

More pre swimming pictures!



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