September 2015

September 2015
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Saturday, May 4, 2013

more random phone pictures!

Here are some more random Iphone pictures!
A play date over at Andi / Maddie's house!

These two girls love each other.  I feel so blessed to have such a great friend in Andi and Chelsea has such a great friend in her daughter, Maddie!

Ben took Chelsea out to play after one of our spring snowstorms.  I was cooking dinner.  I look out the window and see "I Love Mom" written in the backyard!  He wrote it across the entire backyard so my phone couldn't capture all the writing.  I am so blessed to have such a happy family life.  I am honored to share my life with such an amazingly loving family.

Chelsea loves to go shopping at Cub with me :)  I'll push Tyler in the stroller and she'll push the groceries in her little cart.  We get so many 'cute looks' from strangers in the store.  Chelsea definitely knows how to draw a crowd!

Tyler being a big boy and sitting on his own!

Walk time!

I ordered a Denise Austin kiddo workout video through Netflix.  Chelsea had so much fun doing it.  It's fun for me to see her trying to imitate what they are doing on the screen!

Chelsea loose in Target!

Her pick from the $1 bin at Target was this net.  $1 well spent!

Chelsea telling me she wanted to go on a walk with dolly, her snack, her hat AND her sunglasses.  Goofy girl!

Outside time!

A very unique rose.  We had this mini arrangement made at a floral shop in Alex before Alayna's dance recital to give to Alayna after she was done.  Such a fun rose for a 7 year old!

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