September 2015

September 2015
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Friday, May 10, 2013

Spring outdoor fun!

Chelsea would live outside if she could!  she asks to go outside all day long.  Unfortunately we haven't had too many days to go play outside since this spring has been much colder than normal.  We've definitely taken full advantage of the warm days we have had!
Chelsea eating her favorite snack before outdoor play time!

my baby girl loves all accessories.  hats, sunglasses, shoes, jewelry, etc!

I went and bought Chelsea a bunch of random new outdoor toys.  She had a great time discovering them!

see that soccer / hockey goal in the background???  my friend Erica was at a garage sale and thought of chelsea when she saw it. She bought it and even delivered it to us! We open our front door and see this great net for Chelsea to play with just sitting there!  SUCH a thoughtful gesture from Erica!!

Tyler chillin' in the swing while Chelsea plays outside.  

Tyler decided he wanted to join in on the fun!  he's a very happy camper sitting in his walker in the fresh air.

A link to a video of Chelsea playing outside!

Best Buds!

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