September 2015

September 2015
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Friday, September 6, 2013

A WONDERFUL Family & Friend Vacation!

"I want to go on vacation with Maddie" has now turned into "I want to go on vacation with Maddie AGAIN" :)  Chelsea has even told a stranger at the health club today "I went on vacation with Maddie"!

With that said, we went on a long weekend vacation at Blue Fin Bay with the Hay's family.  This is Ben and my 6th year there and our third with Chuck and Andi. We plan to keep going year after year!
There is just something indescribable about  living and sleeping next to Lake Superior.  The first thing we missed when we got home on Monday were the sounds of the waves crashing against the shore.

 On previous vacations Ben and I used to go on half day hikes, play tennis, sit in the hot tub, nap, drink captain cokes out by the lake reading a good book for hours, etc. etc. etc.   Now this little vacation has morphed into whatever our kids want to do!  Honestly, that is OK with us!  Our days consist of playing on the playground, swimming, participating in kiddo art hours, throwing (LOTS!) of rocks into Lake Superior, going on gentle hikes (walks!), visiting grand marais and focusing more on meals. We love every second of it.

The only downfall was that I was experiencing some worse than usual 'Trisha stomach issues' for at least half the vacation.  vacation doesn't start off well when the wife is getting sick in the car, the baby is screaming and the husband is pushing the pedal to the medal thinking 'for better or worse, for better or worse' (a quote I had to steal from my brother!) for a good chunk of the 4 hour car ride. I felt like the worst travel companion for the first day and a half, but I think my travel companions understood and the kids had the best of times!

These pictures are actually 'stolen' from the Hay's photo gallery.  They are more on top of downloading and editing pictures than I am.  SO - here will be a brief glimps of our vacation and I will post more blogs in the near future with our pictures!  Thank you Chuck and Andi!

Playground fun!

Blue Fin Bay offers free kid craft times every morning.  Saturday mornings craft time was coloring puzzles!

Swimming!  The girls liked the hot tub  :-)

Throwing rocks!

The babies were both hungry at the same time during our Grand Marais visit!

2nd craft time.  Painting Rocks!  I was so excited for this one.  Chelsea LOVED it last year and painted at least 5 rocks.  This year she didn't want anything to do with it :(

Time to throw more rocks!

'Hiking' with the kiddos!  Blue Fin offers free rentals of infant hiking carriers.  They also offer free bike rentals.

Be still my heart...

I know I'm cute!


Kings of the mountain!

The girls held hands for (almost) the entire hike out to the car!

Chuck had to help the girls with this big stair case!

More rock throwing after making smores!  Blue Fin also offers free smores kits (As well as the fire)every night for kiddos!

Making smores!

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