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September 2015
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Monday, January 27, 2014

Ear Tubes!

Tyler has had a frustrating past 6 months.  He's hand ear infection after ear infection.  We brought him to a ENT specialist and he recommended getting tubes for Tyler's ears.  His surgery was last Thursday and seems to be a major success!  The surgeon told me (after the surgery) that Tyler had a lot of thick fluid in his right ear that has been causing lots of problems.  Not only ear infections, but has affected Tyler's hearing as well.  The surgeon explained it as Tyler has been hearing like he's been under water.  SO - hopefully now my little man will start talking more and will have some relief of ear infections.
We had the surgery done at the Children's hospital in Minnetonka.  I was VERY pleased with my experience there.  Besides the doctor being an hour late, everyone was very friendly and the waiting room was set up PERFECTLY for kiddos of all ages.
I had to leave the house at 6 to get to the hospital in time for our 6:30 check in time.  Unfortunately Tyler couldn't eat or drink anything that morning because of the surgery.  He was a trooper and the lack of food and beverage didn't seem to bother him.  Probably because I pulled him straight from the crib to the car so he was pretty confused on what was happening!
Tyler playing with toys in the check in room!

He was such a happy camper despite the time of day!

After check in, we were moved to a waiting area.  This area had private rooms for all the patients plus a big play area.  The nurse's and doctors were also mingling around in this area.  It was very homey and comfortable.

Isn't he adorable in his little surgical scrubs?!

Tyler kicking the ball around the waiting area.

Swing and a miss!

It is now 7:30 am and we just found out that Tyler's surgeon accidentally went to the wrong location and would be an hour late :(  Tyler was starting to get cranky and hungry.

The nurse's set me up with a wagon and pillow for Tyler.  They propped open a bunch of doors for me so I could roam around with Tyler.

After about twenty minutes of walking he passed out!  This wagon was a savior!

After Tyler went into surgery I went into another waiting room.  They had a screen in the room showing you where in the surgical process your child was at.  Such a well run operation!  The surgery it's self only took about ten minutes and he woke up shortly after.

Here we are in the recovery room.  Tyler FINALLY could have something to drink.  Yummy Apple Juice!

Since he kept the juice down, he got a freezie!

Solid food time! yummy!

We were discharged about a half an hour after Tyler woke up.  He was a happy camper to be home! After eating a little more food at home, he zonked out for a long nap :)  Once he woke up from his nap he seemed to be almost 100%.

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