September 2015

September 2015
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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Day!

Chelsea was very excited to see if Santa ate his cookies and dropped off presents while she was sleeping!  This is the first year that she really started to get into Christmas and understand who Santa is.  Tyler pretty much went along for the ride :)
Lets go see if Santa visited us!

Come on!!!

Tyler was more interested in Barry's coffee than the possibility of more presents

Santa came!!

Chelsea got to open Tyler's presents because he was more focused on playing

Tyler discovered Santa's left over cookies!

Santa brought Tyler a big stuffed Panda!

Santa brought Chelsea a Leap Pad 2!  She LOVES it!  It's amazing how quickly she figured out how to use it.

We made a traditional Ham dinner on Christmas Day.  I was planning on putting it in the oven, but Barry offered to grill it.  Who knew you could grill a 9 pound ham????  It tasted AMAZING!

Time to eat!

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