September 2015

September 2015
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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Rides at the MOA and Disney's Frozen on Ice!

Our babysitter, Tammy, gave us some ride wristbands to use at the MOA. Chelsea has been on a few rides but Tyler hasn't ever been on a ride before!  Ben and I decided to bring them a couple weeks ago to see how he'd do.  We learned that Sensory Seeking toddlers THRIVE on rides!!!  There weren't any lines (lets just say Tyler doesn't have the patience for lines of any sort) for the rides so it worked out beautifully! 
We started out on the Carousal! Ben tried to bring Tyler on the carousal but he wasn't having it but Chelsea and I enjoyed ourselves!

Tyler checking out his wristband

Chelsea's wristband!

Ben trying to get Tyler on the carousal

On to rides that Tyler enjoyed!

Chelsea was a little nervous about the 'bus' ride

This car ride was a huge hit with both kiddos!  we went on it several times!

Below are a few videos from the rides!
Choo Choo train!
The roller coaster ride was also a huge hit!  The kiddos both put their hands in the air while on the ride.  it was so darn cute!

My happy princess!

Big Rigs!

Chelsea is tall enough to ride the Blues Clues ride by herself!

We brought the kiddos to Disney's Frozen on Ice a couple weeks ago.  Of course, Chelsea had to wear her Elsa dress and have her hair braided like Elsa :)  
Ben and Chelsea in the parking garage

Chelsea a little overwhelmed waiting for the show to start

The kiddos not so sure about what was going on before the show started
Popcorn time!

The kiddos fully enjoying the show!

Intermission means Icy Time!

Tyler wanted a lemonade!



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