September 2015

September 2015
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Monday, May 4, 2015

The first Minnesota Zoo visit of the year!

We purchased a family membership to the Minnesota Zoo about a month ago.  Well, a family PLUS membership so I can bring one free guest plus all other guests get a discount when they go with us.  So feel free to 'use' me for a zoo visit this summer! We welcome it :-) My goal is to visit the zoo a couple times per month this summer.
I brought the kiddos to the zoo a couple weeks back on an absolutely beautiful spring day.  Tyler thankfully took a little snooze on the way to the zoo so we could stay longer than I originally thought we'd be able to.  We walked through most of the zoo (so I could get my bearings for future visit) and spent a lot of time at the farm babies exhibit.  Both kiddos would've stayed in the goat brushing area the entire time if I would've let them!  I must say, I was a sucker for the farm animals as well.
We swung by the aquarium on our way outside.  Both kiddos are very fascinated by the fish.

Bears!  The bears looked so peaceful and their big furry paws were so darn cute!

Our attempt in taking a selfie!

Goat feeding time!  Tyler really enjoyed feeding the goats.  Chelsea was a little more hesitant. 

A baby goat!  SO STINKIN' CUTE!

There is an area where the kids are let in to interact with and brush the goats.  The goats do have a roped of area in which they can escape to if they need a break.  We hung out in this area for about a half an hour before I could drag them out!

more baby goats!

One particular goat took an immediate liking to me.  He / She followed me around everywhere and kept snuggling up next to me :)
Like usual, pictures are a tad bit out of order.  Tyler checking out the cows!

Sibling love and hug time!

My little cowgirl!

More hugs!

Pig statue posing!

Piglets are possibly the cutest little animals that I've ever seen!

My daily bacon habit may be in jeopardy after seeing these cute little pigs!  Look at that cute little pig butt!

Lunch break!  The kiddos were pretty sleepy. 

My little monkey checking out the monkeys!

In the Tropics Trail!

More fish!

The Minnesota Trail!  The wolves were HUGE!  I haven't ever seen the wolves from this close of a distance before and I was under the impression that they are a lot smaller than they actually are.  These wolves (maybe because they are in captivity??) are HUGE!  The pictures don't do the size justice.

Back to the goats!

A couple videos of the kiddos REALLY enjoying themselves brushing the goats!
 My stalker goat!


My happy, happy boy!

Chelsea checking out her map while the 'skunk monkey' checks her out!  She was reading the map and telling me where to go.  She takes after her daddy with her love of maps!


The huge wolves!

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