September 2015

September 2015
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Monday, June 27, 2016

Date Nights, Crayola Experience, etc!

The kiddos have been very interested in cooking with me lately.  I've been trying to plan as many baking / cooking opportunities for them as I can!

At Tyler's last haircut the stylist spiked his hair and he looked so darn cute and old!  Unfortunately he hasn't let me do it to his hair since.

Tyler getting ready to take a nap with me in my bed.  He has been hat obsessed lately and had to place his hats at the end of the bed for safe keeping during the nap!

Ben and I have a babysitter come every Thursday night so we can get out just the two of us.  We've been going on a lot of bike rides and dinners after because the weather has been gorgeous! 

I took the kiddos to the Crayola Experience at the Mall of America about a month ago.  We really enjoyed ourselves and plan to go back!

In this area the kids could dance around in front of a screen and the crayon would imitate them!

In this area the kids could 'color' a picture on a tablet and it would go up to a big screen.  The kids could then interact with their own coloring!

A Crayola playground!

Melting crayons to harden into fun shapes!

Art with melted crayons!

The kids loved this area where they could use markers to draw on whatever they wanted!

A big light bright! 

Playground time!

Look at all the goodies that the kiddos got to bring home!

Time to paint!

Time to dry the paintings!

We were able to watch a presentation on how crayons were made!  

After a few hours in Crayola land we were starving!

I forgot to take pictures of the kids favorite parts of the Crayola experience.  The kids were able to pick out whatever color crayon they wanted and create their very own label for that crayon.  The kids named crayons after themselves and were able to take them home!

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