September 2015

September 2015
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

20 Month Chelsea Update!

Look who's 20 months old today!!! 

It's been awhile since I've written an update about Chelsea and what she is up to, milestones and what not.  She is learning at such an incredibly fast rate that it is impossible to sum up everything in a blog, but I'll do my best :-)

We haven't had to bring her to the doctor's office lately so I don't have an official weight on her.  She did go with me to my 30 week doctor's appointment this week and decided to hop on the scale in that room.  The scale said just over 26 pounds. 

- She loves music!  She bops around and dances to the music on the radio, when I download music, on her cartoons and our most recent discovery is that she loves the TV show X FACTOR!  I have started watching it this season and she dances around, claps and squeals to the performances.  I can not wait to sign her up for dance lessons in just over a year!

- She started a tiny tot gymnastics class last week.  A mom in my mom's club told me about it.  I looked at mini hops online that day and immediately signed her up for this session.  It's a class of 6 18-30 month old toddlers.  She had so much fun at our first class and has 4 more left. It is a great activity for her high energy levels and crazy busy motor skills.  I've also signed her up for one more library time session that started this week.  She has two more weeks of library time.  After these two organized activities are over it may be awhile until I can sign her up for more since Baby Boy Fisher will be here in two months.  I'm going to cherish every moment of every activity I bring her to in the next 2 months.

-She understands so much.  It's amazing at what I can ask her to do and then she actually does it!  She amazes me every day.  Some days she gets directions a little mixed up, but she tries so hard! One day while I was folding laundry in my bedroom I asked her to bring her shirt to the laundry room (across the house).  She disappeared with it and came back a couple minutes later.  I went to the laundry room and didn't see it.  I looked all over and still couldn't find it.  about a half hour later I went to throw something away in the kitchen and found her shirt in the trash can!  Ok.. so she isn't perfect in following directions :)

- She is constantly jabbering away.  I couldn't tell you the number of words she speaks now.  She adds a few words to her arsenal every single day.  S0 - now is the time to make sure our language is cleaned up because she is copying EVERYHING we say!

- About three weeks ago she discovered her big Tinkerbell blanky that we bought for her in Disney World.  Ever since that discovery she has been very attached to it.  She'll bring it out and about with her, bring it to the health club daycare, regular daycare, sleep with it, eat with it and so on.  She'll generally forget about it for stretches of time during the day and that is the time I have to sneak it away to put it in the washer since it gets very dirty quickly.  If she sees me snatch it away she'll cry, demand that we give it back and there is no getting around it!  I call it her 'lovey.'  It gives her great comfort and we are definitely OK with her having it. 

- She's been really into 'feeding' her stuffed animals.  She'll try and feed her animals with her sippy cups and her forks and spoons.  I bought her a baby doll that came with a bottle, silver wear, a sippy cup and binky this week.  As soon as I presented it to her she kept saying 'baby baby baby' over and over again.  She really enjoys feeding the baby with the play bottle and sippy cups. Grandma and Grandpa Loveland just bought her a stroller to go with her baby and that has been a huge hit as well!  She rarely lets her baby leave her side.  I have a feeling that this may be lovey #2!

-  She loves stickers!  She will color in her coloring books for a little bit and then will ask for stickers.  She'll start putting the stickers over her coloring page and will keep asking for more until I cut her off.  If she sees a random sticker laying around she HAS to have it. 

- She's an amazing little eater.  We are so lucky to have a child who eats almost anything we put in front of her.  I've made a great effort to only give her a snack if she is really hungry in between meal times and then one in the mid afternoon.  I was getting tired of feeding her empty calorie snacks just to keep her entertained while I was out and about and then she wouldn't eat her meals.  Now I keep her entertained in interacting with her  and letting her help more on errands.  Now we have NO PROBLEMS with her eating what is put in front of her.  Some of her favorites are pasta, avocado, strawberries, bread products (of course!), french fries, chicken, green beans, pears and applesauce.  We went to Red Lobster for dinner last week and Ben offered her some broiled shrimp, scallops and lobster and she ate it without making a face.  I was floored that the shellfish went down so easily for her.

There is much much more to our bundle of joy, but I can't possibly cover everything!  If you haven't seen her in the past few months or had the privilege of hanging out with her, I highly recommend you make a visit... hint hint ;)  Chelsea is the love of our lives and is such a major part of our lives.  I thoroughly enjoy when people want to hang with us and get to know her.  It means the world to all three of us. She is at SUCH a fun age and is a pure joy and I find myself wishing I could bottle her up at this age and keep her like this forever!

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