September 2015

September 2015
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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Apple Jacks Orchard!

I went with two of my girlfriends and Chelsea to Apple Jacks Orchard in Delano today.  I've been to this orchard several times over the years, but this is the first time that I've brought Chelsea with me.  We spent time wandering around and letting Chelsea run and play in the stacks of hay and slides.  They also have goats, chickens and pony's for the children to pet / feed / ride / view. 

After wandering around for a bit we went into the bakery and ordered some tasty apple snacks.  Chelsea ate some apple crisp with ice cream.  Steph also gave her a little bit of her apple cider slushie which she sucked down! 

After snack time it was shopping time.  I ended up buying lots of apples (both eating and baking) and 3 loaves of the apple fritter bread.  I was planning on freezing two loaves of the bread, but Chelsea and I have already eaten a half of a loaf!  I'm sure the other half will go tomorrow when we make french toast with it. I'm also planning on trying out a new crock pot applesauce recipe tomorrow.   With the rest of the baking apples I can't decide if I should make a pie or a crisp. We may have to make another trip back to the orchard soon for some more goodies :-)

Such a big girl navigating the hay stacks on her own!  She was the youngest one on the hay stacks.  Most of the slightly older kids had their moms glued to their sides.  I was a proud mama watching her!

I went up to the top once with her to make sure she could navigate the slides on her own and she definitely did not need me there!


Walking through the little maze while all the other (older) kids jumped on top of the hay stacks


Her legs and arms were very irritated after playing in the hay :(  Fortunately it looked worse than it was.  She didn't itch at them at all.  Next time she is going to be playing in hay I'll have to make sure she is FULLY covered up!

poor baby girl :(

Yummy Apple Cider Slushie!

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