September 2015

September 2015
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Monday, April 1, 2013

presents and baths!

Chelsea playing with some of the necklaces my neighbor dropped off for her while unwrapping Grandma and Grandpa Fisher's Easter gift.  She exclaimed "marmaid"!  upon opening the box :)

Tyler received a soft stuffed Thumper Bunny from Grandma and Grandpa Fisher as well!  He loves to chew on it and Chelsea loves to play with it as well.

Playing with her new "marmaid"!

Tyler hanging out wearing daddy's hat!

Chelsea chewing on a cheerio necklace.  Another one of my friend Andi's wonderful creation ideas!

Chelsea loves helping with Tyler's bathtime! she is so good about washing him and being gentle.  Someday they will be taking baths together in the big tub!

It was also bath day for the doggies!  Mina HATES baths and gets very cold afterwards.  Ben felt bad for her and wrapped her up in a soft blanket.

Oops, pictures out of order.  Another bath picture of the kiddos :)

back to the doggies!

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