September 2015

September 2015
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Sunday, July 14, 2013

cabin bound!

We went to Lake Mina to visit Uncle Steve at the cabin a few weekends ago and unfortunately I'm just getting around the catching up on some blogs.  We had an absolutely wonderful weekend and are so happy that we can share this little slice of heaven with our kiddos :) 
I will be breaking up the pictures in several blogs since we took lots and lots of pictures!  We drove up on Saturday morning and stayed until Monday morning.  The below pictures are from Saturday.
Chelsea playing with leeches! 

I LOVE how her toddler mind has no preconceived notions about leeches.  She'll play with them without any nervousness!


Spaghetti night!

Sucking on an ice cube! num num!

Chelsea absolutely loves the cabin.  She's always in such a happy go lucky mood while we are there!

Someone enjoyed his dinner!

Sleepy time!

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