September 2015

September 2015
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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Campfires and Smores!

Ben decided that he wanted to make smores with Chelsea while we were at the cabin.  We kept her up later than normal, started a fire and let Chelsea eat some yummy, gooey, sugary treats before bed :-)
Burn baby Burn!

Chelsea being very patient waiting for the fire to burn down a bit

What a beautiful night!

Ben taking Chelsea to find a good stick to use to roast the marshmallows

Chelsea was very excited that daddy found her a roasting stick!

Posing with momma to prove I was there :)

Chelsea showing off her roasting stick!

My attempt at taking a creative picture of the fire :)

smores ingredients!

Roasting the marshmallows

A video of Chelsea roasting her marshmallow

Roasting more marshmallows!

Uncle Steve helping out!

Chelsea enjoying the fruits of her labor!


It was such a beautiful evening! 


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