September 2015

September 2015
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Thursday, July 4, 2013


Whenever Chelsea sees another toddler about her size, she immediately shouts FRIENDS!!! It's so cute how easily it is for toddlers to make friends :)  She is my little social butterfly! 

Since she loves playing with other kiddos so much I decided to send out a last minute playdate request to some of my friends in Maple Grove.  It was going to be a beautiful day and it would be so fun for Chelsea to have friends to play with in the backyard.  Amazingly a bunch of other mom's were free as well and brought their kiddos over!  It seemed as if everyone had a great time and I'm hoping to do it again soon!

Calm Before the storm


Some random munchies I threw together to hopefully keep the kiddos happy!

Chelsea and Tyler waiting for their friends to show up!


Who knew a Dora sprinkler attachment would be such a hit?!

The youngest playdate participant... 5 weeks old!

So much joy in the back yard! I love it!

Snack time!

Tyler was getting a little warm so I put him inside to play

He has a friend! :)

Chelsea's boyfriends playing foosball :)

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