September 2015

September 2015
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Friday, November 15, 2013

Fun times and sibling love!

I tried to French braid Chelsea's hair this morning and it just wasn't working out.  Chelsea really wanted her hair braided so I put a regular braid in with a big bow holding it up.  I was pretty impressed with myself because I am not very good at styling hair.  My goal is to play with Chelsea's hair every day until I'm efficient at creating cute hairstyles! 

 Chelsea was watching a cartoon while I took these pictures.  She REALLY zones in on the TV while it's turned on... Just like Ben :)

Chelsea decided to 'nap' in her doll's pack n play today during nap time.  Needless to say, Chelsea never fell asleep!

I took the kids to Party America this afternoon.  While I was browsing the aisles Chelsea noticed a Cinderella Crown and immediately squealed and ran over to it.  She picked it up and begged me to buy it for her.  Seeing that the price tag was only $2.99 I purchased Chelsea her very first princess crown today.  Anything to make my baby girl happy!

After we left Party America we went to the library to burn some time.  Playing at the library is one of our favorite free outings. 

This was our first visit to the library since Tyler has started walking.  He had so much fun exploring!

Still wearing her crown!

Tyler started tipping over the raised play tables.  Each one fell down with a pretty loud bang, but no one in the general area seemed to mind.

Chelsea is little miss social.  She say another little girl and went over to introduce herself and started playing with her.  Tyler, of course, had to follow her.  

Tyler still busy exploring


I took a series of pictures / video of the kiddos playing in Chelsea's room after lunch today.  They went from 'fighting' over Chelsea's chair to playing so lovingly together within a matter of minutes.  My heart melts watching the love between these two :)

Chelsea and Tyler "fighting" over who gets to sit on Chelsea's chair!

Tyler won!

Within minutes they were best friends again!

A heartwarming video of the kiddos playing so nicely together.  It's so cute how Chelsea constantly says thank you to Tyler and how polite she is.

Time to play ponies

Chelsea deciding to nap in her doll's pack n play.  I'm amazed she fit in without breaking it!

Tyler bringing Chelsea toys

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