September 2015

September 2015
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Monday, November 25, 2013

Tyler's 1st Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my not so baby boy!  Tyler turned one on November 19th!  We had a big birthday party planned for the Saturday after his birthday so decided to celebrate as a family of 4 on Tuesday night.
Chelsea was very excited to get the celebration going! 

A card from Great Grandma Sandvig came in the mail for Tyler.  Here he is ready to open it!

He wasn't very happy with us for taking him off the couch!

Chelsea showing Tyler his card.

Chelsea told me that Tyler's favorite food is Mac N Cheese.  I'm pretty sure he does love mac n cheese, but am also thinking that Chelsea was thinking of herself a bit when requesting Mac N Cheese for Tyler's birthday dinner :)  I also made him some peas along with cut up grapes.  Three of his favorite foods!

My dinner received a round of applause!

Tyler is 1!

Tyler gets a kick out of feeding adults!

Prepping birthday cupcakes!

Chelsea was very ready for her cupcake!

Who knew, our little man is NOT a fan of cupcakes!  He wanted nothing to do with it :(

A video of Tyler with his cupcake!
Chelsea loved hers!

I'm trying to get a taste of it in his mouth, but he was determined NOT to eat any of it

Daddy trying with a spoon.  We were so confused that a kid wouldn't like cake!

Tyler was more interested in giving daddy high fives

Even the dogs were part of the celebration

Tyler washing the nasty taste of cupcake out of his mouth

We had a few presents to open on Tylers actual birthday.  Grandma and Grandpa Fisher send presents, Joel and Jillian sent presents and we had a present for him as well.
Tyler isn't the best at opening presents yet, but Chelsea was very helpful.  here they are opening Grandma and Grandpa Fisher's presents..  Books!

Tyler attempting to open Joel and Jillian's presents here.  He was more interested in the bags than what was in them.

We finally opened the presents for him.  Each of my nieces picked out a shirt for Tyler... they are all super cute!

Grandma and Grandpa Fisher also sent a gift for Chelsea to open!

A book!

AND stickers!

She immediately wanted to play with her stickers!

We gave Tyler an airplane rocker!  He fell in love with our friends' rocker at a halloween party so we knew we had to get him one.  This one is a hit with both kiddos!

A video of him Testing out his new rocker
A sideways (but still cute) video of Chelsea really enjoying the rocker's music!

Having fun on his rocker!

Tyler was still a little under the weather on his birthday so he ended up going to bed at 6.  

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