September 2015

September 2015
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Monday, June 16, 2014

Cabin Fun!

I already posted a blog about our first cabin visit of the year, but failed to put my phone pictures on that blog.  Below are many more fun pictures of our visit to Alexandria over Labor Day Weekend.
I brought Tyler to Target to stock up on a bunch of cabin toys.  We have to pack / haul so much stuff up every time we go.  I thought it would be helpful to have some new toys to keep up there for the kiddos. We had fun shopping :) 

Good thing we drive a Suburban!

Tyler was getting a tad bit bored on the drive up :)

Finally at the cabin!

Putting up Tyler's safety 'jail'!

As my other blog went into, Tyler did NOT sleep well in the pack and play that weekend.  I took this picture as Ben and Steve were pulling out of the drive way late Friday afternoon with Tyler.  His first (of many) car naps during the weekend.

I immediately grabbed my book and read on the deck while the kiddos were being driven around! 

They stopped at the gas station during Tyler's car nap.  Chelsea was very excited about her s'mores ingredients and sprite!

Tyler always finding something to climb

Friday night around 10pm.  

Hanging out in Uncle Steve's truck!

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa Loveland!

Let me out!


Another car nap!

Another late night, exhausted boy, but refusing to go to sleep in the pack n play.

Of course, even exhausted, he attempts to climb out of the jail!

I brought the kiddos to a park in Alexandria Sunday morning.  We met my parents, brother and two of Chelsea's cousins.

Chelsea, Ari and Alayna!

Joel, helping Tyler!


lunch time!

Back at the cabin!

Tyler loved being on the boat... especially when he was able to 'drive'

Yep, even steering wheels aren't off limits to climb!

What a happy girl!

Steve being very patient with Tyler!

Happy Boy!

It took me almost an hour of cuddling / rocking to get tyler to pass out around 10:00 pm Sunday night.  He woke up immediately after I set him into his pack n play.  Grrr...


Tyler passed out almost immediately on our drive home. Someone was exhausted!

Here are a couple pictures from Ben's phone!
Chelsea 'driving' daddy's boat on land before we put it in the water!

Ben went out fishing while I was in town with the kids.  He caught his first walleye of the year!

Hanging out on the boat!

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