September 2015

September 2015
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Saturday, June 14, 2014


Chelsea really enjoyed her first year of dance and can't wait for classes to start up again this fall!  It's so much fun seeing her thrive in an active environment and meet friends while doing something she seems to love.
I took a couple pictures during her last lesson (a few days before her recital).  All the kiddos received metals and were so proud!  Notice Tyler next to Chelsea?  He is never far from her side.

Cupcakes AND metals?!

Chelsea and her friend Charlotte.


Two of Chelsea's cousins were able to attend her dance recital!  Chelsea LOVES her cousins so much and it meant a lot to all of us that Alayna and Ari could make it!  They even brought her flowers!

My brother Joel giving Molly some love

Some pre recital play time!

Can I bring my guitar on stage mom?!

Chelsea going back stage with one of her teachers

Waiting for the recital to start

I couldn't take any pictures during the recital but Chelsea (and all her friends!) did very well.  Ari and Alayna were proud of Chelsea and walked out hand in hand with her.

We went out to eat after the recital.  Chelsea was so exhausted she passed out in the car within two minutes of leaving!

A couple friends took some pictures for me after the recital and sent them to me.  I didn't bring my camera so it was wonderful to receive these pics!
Chelsea with the rose that daddy bought for her :)

Chelsea with her friends!

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