September 2015

September 2015
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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Friends, Rudolph, a newborn and lots of fun!

Is there anything better than a playdate?!  The joy I see on my kiddos faces when I tell them that they get to see friends for play or a fun event melts my heart.  They both get so darn excited when they get to play with friends.  Tyler is also a much more 'controllable' kiddo when he's fully entertained.  A happy Tyler definitely makes a happy and relaxed mama.
After the holidays wind down I'm going to try and get lots of play dates on the books to keep the kiddos happy / active this winter.  SO....  friends.... lets start planning! :-)
Chelsea had her friends Charlotte and Mia over to play a month or so ago.  The girls had so much fun.  How cute are they?!

I brought the kiddos over to my friend Stella's house a couple weeks back for some play.  Chad, Stella's husband was even around to join in the fun!

Alex and Tyler are quickly becoming best buds!

Of course Chelsea and Amalia immediately wanted to play dress up

Tyler wanting in on the fun!  

I took Chelsea to see the musical Rudolph at Stages Theater in Hopkins a couple weeks ago.  Lots of her friends were there and we all had a great time.  We had such a great time that I've already purchased tickets for musicals in March and July!


Chelsea and Mama selfie!

Tyler checking out his certificate of achievement on the last day of Fall Soccer.  Tyler really enjoys soccer and does so well.  I'm planning on keeping him in soccer for as long as I can!

Tyler and Alex!  I can't get over how cute they are together.

Woa!  I get a juicebox AND a big bag of fruit snacks right before lunch?!  Coach Dean treats the kids right during the last day of soccer celebration.


Chuck and Andi welcomed baby Alexander into their lives a little over a month ago.  We went over to meet him a couple weeks back.  I forget how tiny, cute and snuggly newborns are.  Alexander is particularly sweet.  I loved holding a newborn for as long as I wanted and then was able to hand him back to his mama at the end of the day :)  

Proud Mama!

The 'older' kids played downstairs while we were visiting with Chuck and Andi.  This train track kept them all very entertained and I have a sneaking suspicion that Santa may be delivering this train set to our house on Christmas Day!

Chuck and Andi have now moved to Seattle Washington :(  Chuck was offered a position at Google and it was too amazing to pass up.  I'd be flat out lying if I said I was happy they moved away, but I know it's a huge opportunity and am excited for them because they are excited. 
Chelsea and Maddie are extremely close.  I've tried to explain to Chelsea that Maddie has moved away, but she isn't quite understanding what that means yet.  I'm sure it will sink in once she realizes she isn't having playdates or seeing Maddie.  I'm thinking Facetime may end up being our best friend for awhile.
I brought the kiddos over to the Hay's household about two weeks ago for a 'last playdate'.  The kids had a grand old time and enjoyed every moment.

Chelsea and Maddie giving each other big hugs at the end when I was packing up to head home.  I pretty much lost all composure at this point and started crying like a baby.  It's taking all my willpower right now to keep the tears from streaming down my face right now as I sit in Barnes and Noble writing this.  This is a very precious picture to me.

Maddie loves wearing her swimsuit :)

Chuck swinging the kiddos around.  They all loved it!

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