September 2015

September 2015
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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Labor Day weekend Friday Duluth / Blue Fin Bay!

Every year (for the past 7 years???) we head up to the North Shore and stay at Blue Fin Bay over Labor Day Weekend.  It's one of our favorite places to visit and I always wish for more time.  Maybe one of these years we'll tack on an extra day or two!  I've separated the pictures into three blogs and will hopefully get them all posted today!
We stopped in Duluth to stretch our legs a bit on our way to Blue Fin.  Ben suggested we stop at the Train Museum since we've never been there.  It was great and the kids loved it!  Especially Tyler since he is OBSESSED with trains right now. 

The kiddos checking out the big trains!  My pictures will not do this outing justice.  I used my phone and the lighting wasn't the best for pictures.  There were several trains parked that we could climb in and out of.  We were able to see everything from the sleeping quarters to how the train was operated back in the day.  

There was one section that was converted into a kiddo play area.  We let the kiddos play in the play area for a little while before exploring the rest of the museum.

Ben and Tyler looking out the train window!

Chelsea exploring a sleeping area!

We are now at Bluefin!  The kiddos immediately wanted to throw rocks into Lake Superior so Ben took the kiddos to the 'beach' while I unpacked and organized all of our stuff.

The kids picked flowers for me and put them in Ben's empty beer bottle.  Very romantic ;)

Snack time!

It was a warm day so we took the kiddos to the outdoor pool that afternoon!

We rent a three bedroom townhome with a full kitchen so cook most of our meals during our stay.  But, we do love going out to eat a couple times during our stay.  We really enjoyed the Coho Café this year and ate dinner there twice. 

Walking to the Coho Café for dinner on our first day!

I ordered the hummus platter and it was amazing!  I loved it so much we went back to the Coho Café on Sunday night and I ordered the exact same thing!

The kiddos found a fuzzy caterpillar!

The kiddos eating some leftover pizza from dinner and watching the Lorax before bed.  We had a very busy and fun day so they were exhausted!

Ben and I enjoying some time to ourselves after the kiddos went to bed!

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