September 2015

September 2015
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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Lake Mina, Coloring, First day of school(s), the apple orchard and a wedding!

Sadly the docks and boats are out of the water and in storage as I write this, but it was a great cabin season this year for us!  The kids did so well up there and we made so many memories and firsts this year!
These pictures are from our last weekend as a family visiting Uncle Steve on Lake Mina. 
Steve took me out fishing as Ben was bathing the kiddos one night and I caught a fairly decent sized northern!  Of course, I won't go anywhere near a Northern so Steve held it for me for a picture!

Beautiful!  Ben took this picture as Steve and I were out fishing.  If you look really close you'll see the boat to the left side of the reflection in the water at the tree line.  

Tyler enjoying some boat snacks the next day!

Tubing time!

Mama's turn!

The kids begged and begged and begged until Steve broke down and jumped in the tube with them.  I NEVER thought I'd see Steve on a tube!

Now back to Maple Grove.  These pictures were taken on the official first day of preschool at Montessori in September.  We were planning for Tyler to join Chelsea at Montessori on Tuesday and Thursdays this year.  We quickly realized that it wasn't going to work for him this year.  We pulled him from Montessori and signed him back up for Occupational Therapy at St. Davids and ECFE through the Osseo School District. Tyler now says he has 2 schools and is a very happy boy!

Chelsea says she wants to be a bow maker and Tyler says he wants to Fly Plane when he grows up!

I took a couple pictures of Tyler on his first day of ECFE.  He was very excited to get into the building!

He's really enjoying himself at ECFE, we absolutely love his teachers (same teachers as last year's session) and the other moms are great as well.  We got really lucky to get into this class at the last minute.  

We don't use our dining room too often so I pushed our dining room table into the corner of the room.  Then I added a card table and kiddo table along with storage for art supplies.  Our dining room is now an art room!  It's been great having a place for all their art supplies that they can get to very easily.  They use this room several times per day. 

I've recently discovered adult coloring.  I'm the type of person who can NOT sit still and just watch TV.  It's just not in my DNA no matter how hard I try.  I have to be reading, talking, doing laundry, blogging, etc. while I'm sitting on my butt.  SO - coloring has been so beneficial to me.  While Ben and I are watching a show I can take out my color book and just sit and relax and color.  It's a wonderful stress reliever.  

The very first page I did!  I now own 5 color books and have colored lots and lots of pictures.  I love it!

My fur baby Mina.  I can't believe she is 11 now!  She has been with Ben and I even before we got married.  She's been through everything with us.  Marriage, pregnancies, babies, moving, etc. She was my first baby :)

The kiddos enjoying the art room!

Chelsea likes to color with me!

Both Chelsea and Tyler are in Church School at Lord of Life.  I help out with church school a couple times per month as well.  We took this picture before the first day.  Both kiddos love church school and are always asking for me to read stories from their picture bibles. 

This coloring page was only about half done in this picture, but it literally took me 4-5 nights (maybe 8 hours??) to finish!

Tyler watching the rain!

One of our favorite places to visit in the fall is Apple Jacks Orchard in Delano.  I took the kiddos a couple weeks ago and we are hoping to go back with Ben soon! 

The kids like taking sefies..  much more than mama does!  We took these pictures in the truck while parked at Apple Jacks

Fall fun!

I love this picture.  Chelsea was helping Tyler get up onto the hay so he could run around.  She literally hoisted him up there!

Our loot!  We love apples :)

Tyler has really been into playing with Lego Duplos lately.  Surprisingly Chelsea also loves to play with them and they play so nicely together when the Legos are out.   

Ben likes to take Chelsea to Home Depot for the free project days before her skating lesson on Saturdays.  I think it's held the first and third Saturday in Maple Grove.  Chelsea really loves it.  She's made two trucks already!

We were at a wedding in Glenwood a couple weeks ago.  It was a beautifully sunny day!


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