September 2015

September 2015
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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Videos and pictures

I've recently realized that we've taken so many videos of Chelsea and none of Tyler!  Tyler isn't too active yet, but will most definitely want to see video of him at every age later on.   I took a short video of Tyler during tummy time and Chelsea interacting with him.  She is such a gentle, loving big sister.  She is so incredibly good / sensitive with her little brother that if he is crying she'll sometimes join in :(


Uncle Steve came to visit us last night.  Ben, Steve and Chelsea are heading down to Humbodlt Iowa to celebrate Christmas with the Sandvigs at Grandma Del's house.  We originally were NOT going to attend because of Tyler being so young.  The four hour drive wouldn't be easy with the two of them and Tyler is waking up at all hours so it would make the stay tough on everyone.   With that said, we made a last minute decision that Ben would bring Chelsea down and I'd stay here with Tyler.  That way Ben could see some family this holiday season, Grandma Del could spend some time with Chelsea and I can handle Tyler easily on my own back home.  I'm very bummed to miss the Christmas Celebration because it's always so much fun, but it's not in the cards this year. Tyler and I will hang out at home and maybe get some projects done :)

We made spaghetti last night for dinner and Chelsea started blowing raspberries and drooling while eating!  It was incredibly gross, yet funny!  We cleaned her up and she decided that she wanted to keep doing it.  I should have grabbed the camera earlier, but caught some of her goofiness on film.  She was in a great mood after spaghetti night :)

Uncle Steve with Tyler!

Trying to make Tyler sleepy enough for bed!

Wide eyed!  Tyler did not want to go to bed last night!

My parents came by last week for a day / night to help me with the kiddos. 

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