September 2015

September 2015
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Visitors and a yummy gift!

Tyler is now 3 weeks old and is still Mr. Popular!  We've been so lucky to have visitors who want to come meet Tyler, see Chelsea and bring us food and gifts.  I've been overwhelmed with everyone's generosity and thoughtfulness.  Whoever said the second child doesn't get as spoiled as the first is wrong :)  We have received so much food from people that i'm never going to lose this baby weight.  there are definitely worse problems to have!
Sullivan and Tyler.  Sullivan was born the day after Tyler in the same hospital :)

Sullivan's older sister Isabella hanging with Chelsea.  kelly and chris didnt want chelsea to feel left out with tyler getting all the attention lately and brought her a block stacking toy!

Sullivan and Isabella's proud parents Chris and Kelly :)  I met Kelly through my mom's club and they live very close to us.  I'm predicting lots of play dates in the near future!

My friend Nikki's son, Finn.  He has to be one of the most beautiful babies I've ever laid eyes on!

Tyler slept through the entire visit!

Nikki and Finn!  Nikki is an amazing Vegan 'cook'.  I envy her healthy cooking skills :) She brought us some yummy vegan baked goods, some home made bath salts and lots of clothes that Finn doesn't fit into anymore!  

We received this bunch of balloons along with some absolutely delish edible arrangements chocolate covered fruit!  The fruit was gone within 24 hours so no picture.  My friend Burnedette (who lives in Nevada) sent us the gift.  It was such a thoughtful AND yummy gesture.  Chelsea loved playing with the balloons as well.

ginger, eric and their one year old twins madison and veronica came to visit this past weekend.  again, we were spoiled with food!  they brought us lunch from noodles and a premade stew for dinner.  tyler also received a cute pair of booties :)


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