September 2015

September 2015
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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Humboldt Christmas!

I'm a little behind on my blogs, but will hopefully get all the Christmas pictures uploaded soon!

Ben brought Chelsea down to the Sandvig Christmas celebration at Grandma Sandvig's house in Humdoldt Iowa. Since Tyler and I were not there I can't write a whole lot about the celebration besides what Ben told me.  He said Chelsea had a BLAST playing with everyone, especially Lili.  Ben also said she loved Grandma's cooking :)  It's wonderful that Chelsea and one of her great grandma's got to spend some quality time together.  Ben was also ecstatic to be able to spend some time over the holiday's with his extended family.  Christmas just doesn't feel quite right without lots of family or friends around!

Lili and Chelsea

Lili did Chelsea's hair!  It's amazing that she kept all these in for the half hour that she did.  When I put her hair up it lasts MAYBE five minutes!


Chelsea's place setting

Chelsea LOVES to eat.  She is also a very messy eater.  Hats off to Ben for taking her pretty Christmas Dress off during dinner.

Nummy Jello!

Snuggle time!

Luci and Chelsea

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