September 2015

September 2015
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tyler is 2 months!

How time flies!  Tyler is already 2 months old!  My precious little newborn is no longer a newborn :(

We took him to his 2 month appointment today.  The doc says he's very healthy and right on track.  Tyler is 23 1/4 inches (50-75%) and 13 pounds 1 ounce (50-75%).  He's growing like a week and has gained almost 5 pounds since birth!!  4-5 ounces per feeding is the norm for Tyler right now, so I expect him to keep growing fast!

The biggest 'accomplishment' this month is that Tyler has started sleeping through the night!  Knock on wood he keeps it up, but he has been sleeping for approximately 10 hour stretches through the night.  I did NOT expect this.  Chelsea didn't start sleeping through the night for another couple of weeks.  He has also put himself on a loose schedule.  He generally takes a short morning nap, a longer mid day  nap and then another short afternoon nap.  I am feeling very blessed that he has decided to do this for us.  I am big on not putting my kids on strict schedules and to let them to what their body needs.  I couldn't have asked Tyler to put himself on a better schedule!  Maybe he feels a little guilty about how fussy he was for the first 7 weeks :)

He is no longer a 'sack of potatoes'!  He is very alert, smiles at us, coo's and makes really cute 'cat sounding' sounds.  Tyler is more active on his playmat as well.  When I put him on his tummy for tummy time he holds his head up nice and strong and looks around.  I had him up on his elbows the other day and he accidentally 'fell' over onto his back.  It definitely wasn't a real roll over, but was really funny to see his reaction after he did it :)

Since Tyler is such a strong boy we have been putting him in the bumbo chair for short periods of time.  I love the bumbo chair for many reasons.  As long as it's used correctly (I know a lot of people are worried about them... in my opinion it's only human error that can make it dangerous!) it's such a great tool for helping him strengthen himself and learn to sit.  I also love it because i can put him in the chair while i'm cooking a meal and not worry about him having to be in my arms.  He can sit in the middle of my center island and be entertained watching me in the kitchen. 

I am feeling so blessed.  I have a wonderfully healthy and happy 2 year old daughter, a wonderfully healthy and happy 2 month old son and a wonderfully supportive husband.  AND I get to stay home with my kiddos and be part of their lives every single day.  Sometimes I get stressed and wonder if I have what it takes to be a stay at home mom to two very young kids but I wouldn't change my life for the world.  We are going a little stir cray but Once the weather gets a little warmer we'll be able to play outside, go on walks and I'll feel more comfortable bringing them both out of the house at the same time. 

Here are some 2 month pictures of my big boy! :)

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