September 2015

September 2015
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Friday, January 11, 2013

one more christmas celebration and the wonders of swaddling!

I forgot I had pictures from another Christmas Celebration because I hadn't downloaded them with the rest.  Ben's brother Jon and his wife Shanna and Uncle Steve came over the Friday after Christmas to celebrate with us.  We hung out with the kids, opened some presents, ate a yummy dinner and had a few cocktails.  This was the first night of Tylers real fussy period.  He was very overstimulated and didn't go to sleep until 11pm.  on the upside, he slept until 7!

 Tyler had a few weeks of what the doctor called colic and we are now calling extreme fussiness.  Chelsea was never a fussy baby so we had no clue how to handle it.  It really made life difficult for me during the week days because I was trying to calm tyler constantly while trying to care for a very active toddler at the same time.  Chelsea had her fair share of tantrums during this time and I had my fair share of break downs.  For the past two days Tyler hasn't been very fussy.  I'm thinking that I've finally gotten a handle on what he needs from me to be calm and have more happy awake times.  He really thrives when swaddled and rocked. Chelsea was never swaddled (she hated it!) so we never thought to swaddle Tyler at any time besides bedtime. If he gets fussy I now wrap a tight swaddle around him, turn up my music and dance around the house.  Within ten minutes he's usually asleep and I can set him in his pack and play or his swing for a nap.  Chelsea usually joins in with the dancing :)

Uncle Jon!

I juiced a lot during pregnancy.  I love fresh pineapple juice and during pregnancy always said my first real cocktail (not beer) after delivering would be a fresh pineapple juice with malibu rum.  I made on and it was YUMMY!  Wow - looking back at this picture just reminds me how I was pretty much the walking dead for the first month of Tylers life!  i look exhausted!


Chelsea wasn't quite sure what to do with it but now loves it!


Football hold!

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