September 2015

September 2015
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Friday, January 18, 2013

Smiles, Strollers and Cute pictures!

Mamma's Strong boy!!


Wide awake and 'helping' mom fold the laundry!

Hungry Hungry!

Big Smiles!

Another big smile!

Showing off his one pair of super soft organic cotton jammies :)

This stroller is a jackpot find!  I've wanted a Bob Duallie for awhile but did not like the price tag.  Finding a Bob used is also tough because they sell so quick.  One of my mom's club friends saw a posting on craigslist for a 2010 Duallie in great shape and let me know immediately so we snatched it up :)  I'm so excited for spring to roll around so the kiddos and I can get outside and start walking!  

My parent's dog Tea.  She is never far from Tyler when she visits!

Chelsea having some fun with Kleenex!  I've started putting a box out for her because she is usually so good at blowing her own nose and throwing them away.  I have since revoked the privilege because this is what she has been doing with them as of late :)

What a big boy!

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