September 2015

September 2015
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Monday, March 17, 2014

First Day in Florida!

Now onto the more detailed Florida blogs.  Looking back on these pictures REALLY makes me want to go back!  We had such a great time.  It's unheard of for us to not have any set plans for 4 straight days.  We took full advantage and enjoyed every second without running around like chickens with our heads cut off like usual. 
 This was officially our first family vacation and I was pretty nervous going into it.  That was absolutely nothing to be nervous about.  I cherished the time we had in Florida and am hoping we can go on another one soon.
Once we settled into our room it was time to go swimming!  Tyler, of course, started climbing on whatever he could.  Maybe he'll get tired of climbing one of these days????

The pool was basically right outside our room which was so convenient for us.

Tyler is a little timid around pools.  He'll put his feet in and splash, but isn't a huge fan of being immersed in the water yet.  It's interesting because he loves splash pads and loves baths.  My goal is to get him completely comfortable in pools by the end of the summer.

Chelsea, on the other hand, loves to swim!  she'd stay in the pool for hours on end if we would allow her to!

My handsome little man!

A video of Tyler by the pool!

No fear!

Going on a stroll down the hallways :-)

Dinner time at the hotel restaurant!  We had to eat out for every meal since our room did not have a full kitchen. It was great not having to prepare meals for a few days.  Because we were on vacation and going out to eat so much we definitely indulged in some yummy foods that we normally rarely eat :-)

Anything to keep my babe entertained!

All that swimming made Chelsea very hungry!

Tyler discovering a love of honey mustard!

who needs to dip chicken strips in honey mustard when you can eat it directly from the ramekin?!

We stayed in a suite.  The kids slept in the same room. Tyler was in a pack and play and Chelsea got to sleep on the very comphy king sized bed.  Ben and I planned to sleep on the pull out bed in the living room. 
The third night I crawled into bed with Chelsea because I couldn't handle the pull out bed anymore.  The fourth night Ben crawled into the bed with the both of us because he couldn't handle the pull out anymore either!  So we all slept (successfully) in the same room the last night.  It worked, but I would NOT recommend it.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of their swimsuits drying next to each other. I love my kiddos so much.  I am one lucky lucky lucky woman!

Chelsea kept waking Tyler up so we pulled her out of the room to hang out with us for a bit the first night.  We were so exhausted by this time (very early morning flight) that we didn't want to chance Tyler waking up again.  I ended up letting Chelsea sleep with me in the living room and Ben went into the room to sleep with Tyler.  We played musical beds most of the weekend to make everything run as smoothly as possible.

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