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September 2015
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Monday, June 24, 2013

7 months old and so many changes!

I'm a little late with this blog, but my baby boy is now 7 months old!  Tyler is getting so big too fast!

He is a really 'tall' baby so he's already outgrown his infant carseat.  He is now in a 'big boy' car seat.  It's been a definite adjustment to getting used to having to pluck him out of a carseat while running errands and while he's sleeping.  Chelsea didn't go into a bigger carseat until 10 months of age so this is a whole new experience.  I usually just put him in his single stroller while running errands now and put whatever i'm shopping for in the storage area of the stroller.  Chelsea walks along side of us. I can't do any large grocery / target runs this way, but it works.   I gave away the infant car seat and base that both Chelsea and tyler were in to two members of my moms club since we won't need them anymore.  I Never have strong attachments to anything material.  When I dropped off the carseat on my friend's porch and sadly glanced over my shoulder at it while walking away.  It really hit me that  was giving away something that we used almost every day and kept my kiddos safe at the start of each of their lives.

Tyler has his two bottom teeth!!  Once we breathed a sigh of relief that Chelsea's teething was finally over Tyler starts teething! 

Tyler eats lots of blended baby foods.  Generally he has 5 bottles throughout the day and then 3 meals of baby food.  He loves his baby food so much.  I'm so happy that I'm making it because it's a lot less expensive this way and I know exactly what he's eating.  I offered him a couple puffs the other day and he really didn't want anything to do with them.  Tyler just holds them and looks at me like what do I do with these?!

He's such a happy baby.  Tyler was so incredibly 'cranky' from about 6 week until 11 weeks that it's amazing to me how laid back and chill he is now.  The health club child center pretty much begs me to make appointments every day because they know they'll have one happy baby to take care of!  I'm not exaggerating here.  I'll get random phone calls from the child center telling me of cancellations to see if I want to bring Tyler in and when I'm there they'll ask me if I need to fit him in anywhere.  Once last week when I dropped the kiddos off one of the workers exclaimed "yes! my favorite baby!"   It feels great!  My little love bug is already popular :)

Tyler has also outgrown his infant bathtub!  he start kicking like mad and splashing water everywhere when he's in it.  It doesn't help that he basically hangs out of it!  Ben was at a boys weekend this past weekend at Breezy Point and I decided to bath Chelsea and Tyler in the regular tub together for the first time.  They both really enjoyed it but it was pretty tough with one adult and two kiddos getting them ready for bed afterwards.  I'll bathe them together when Ben is home, but from now on Tyler may be getting his baths during the day and Chelsea at night.  I wonder if I'll be able to keep Chelsea out of the tub while bathing Tyler?!

Tyler is rolling around like a mad man!  he is not crawling but up on all fours.  If I put a toy out of his reach in front of him to entice him to crawl he ends up going backwards.  It's really cute :)  He'll most likely be crawling sooner than later and I'm not ready for that yet.  Life is pretty good with one child who isn't mobile yet.

I did not take 'official' 7 month pictures of tyler with the month sticker on his clothes, but took a bunch of random pictures of him the past couple of days so I'll post those.  ENJOY!

7 months old!

happy baby!

look how strong I am!

Tyler's first regular bath tub bath!

Chelsea being the caring big sister she is and helping wash tyler!

He's not quite sure how this crawling thing works!

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