September 2015

September 2015
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Friday, June 7, 2013

Splish Splash!

Last year we brought Chelsea out to the Splash Pad near Ben's parents house and she had a blast!  We brought her to the same one this year and she had a lot of fun again!  It's fun to compare her to last year.  here's the link to the blog that I wrote after visiting the same splash pad a year ago (Chelsea was 17 months old): 
Can I go out there mom?
There are playgrounds within the same 'complex' so chelsea would take off running towards those as well.  So much fun in the same area for a toddler!


A short video of Chelsea running around the splashpad!

Another video of chelsea running around the splashpad!
Playground time!

back to the splashpad!

Tyler decided that he wanted to wake up and be part of the action!

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